Introducing our bloggers

Hello again. Here in our second post we embark on a very important piece of business … introducing our blogger/bloggers. Who are they? Who writes for AS Hanging Systems? Actually, we all do. Each of us here at AS Hanging Systems will be taking turns to bring you interesting product applications we’ve become exposed to. We’ll share fun and informative customer stories, observations we make, and tips we’ve learned and think you might find beneficial. Your faithful assistants in Customer Service, Sales, Administration and the Executive team will all take part. However, we will write under one common pen name. As for the name – well, we have some ideas, but we’re open to your suggestions. Do you have a fun name you’d like to see on our “by” line? Feel free to tell us here or on our Facebook page. One name it won’t be, “Siri”.

So, thanks for visiting and please return often. If you’d like to get notifications when we share new information on this blog, you can do so easily by following us on Facebook. Each time a blog post is made, we’ll also post an abbreviated announcement on our Facebook page. We’ll also tweet about it via Twitter. Both will include a direct link to the mentioned article. Pick your favorite social media channel and we’ll deliver content right at your fingertips.

Let us make AS Hanging Systems one of your regular social media habits.

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