Difficult Walls, Part 3: Protecting Specialty Finishes

If you’ve been following our series, Difficult Walls, welcome back to the third, and final, entry, “Difficult Walls, Part 3: Protecting Specialty Finishes”, of this three-part series. Here, we are focusing on walls with an out-of-the-ordinary finish, i.e. expensive wood paneling, designer wallpaper, or perhaps custom, or faux, painted walls. Damage by nail holes, or other hanging devices, to these types of surfaces may result in impossible, or extremely costly, repairs.

Here, we show how others have used our products on vintage wood surfaces. The photos, below, represent two options for preserving the interior design, while creating art displays that are classic, functional, and personal. In the first image, the Lt. Governor’s office for the State of Colorado, you can barely recognize our Click Rail track, which was faux painted to match the walls. In the second and third photos, capturing a glimpse of the Oregon State Governor’s “Ceremonial Office”, our Wall Track from Cable System is installed in a natural reveal of the panel design.

Click Rail System by AS Hanging Systems comes to the aid of the Colorado State Lt. Govenor

With the nature of term limits and changing electorates, the occupant of this office changes rather frequently. Each occupant may want to customize the space to his/her liking and ego. With decades of ever changing occupants, the toll on these original wood walls was telling. The Capitol Facility Manager refinished the wall one last time, and in doing so repaired all the damage caused by numerous nails and wall hangings. This time however, Click Rail was installed (just visible on the wall in the left side of this image) and was painted with a faux finish to match the vintage wood paneling. Problem solved. Now, and in the future, occupants may hang objects as they wish, while always protecting the walls with the wall-saving art display hanging system.

Cable System, by AS Hanging Systems, works behind the scene at Oregon State ceremonies

In the Oregon Governor’s Ceremonial Office, with the inner office seen in the background through the open doors, are held many functions, press briefings, interviews and other congregations, so it is important that the space is versatile. Not only does AS Hanging Systems’ Cable System protect the nicely maintained and original wood walls, but it also provides the needed design flexibility.

During some events, the five frames, containing portraits of past Governors, are removed so displays may take their place. The hanging system offers such versatility without damaging the walls.

With our hanging systems, mentioned and shown above, photo displays can be changed at will, requiring little effort, and without resulting in expensive, or irreparable, damage to the fine wood paneling. AS Hanging Systems provides a variety of design solutions to many of the most difficult “hanging” projects. For more information, visit www.ashanging.com, or contact our customer service at 866 935-6949.

For more information about our Cable System hardware, please visit www.ashanging.com/en/cable-system

For more information about our Click Rail System hardware, please visit www.ashanging.com/en/click-rail-system


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