Inexpensive Youth Art Displays

This entry is the result of a question that came to us via our Customer Service Call Center. A prospective customer asked about using Casso® Display Rail with mated or mounted prints. How thick of a board will Casso Rail support? The answer is that Casso Rail is compatible with materials up to 2mm thick, a little more than 1/16 inch. This is a great idea that we want to share with you.

Casso Display Rail by AS Hanging Systems with matted print

Our Casso art display rail is wonderful for quickly displaying art, particularly juvenile art, with no effort, simply by inserting the art piece into the bottom of the rail. It’s that simple and the ultimate picture hanger!

Casso Art Rail by AS Hanging Systems with Children’s Art

Just a little more planning can result in a custom and highly refined art display. The process is easy and creates a “framed” piece of art – without a frame. Simply align the art piece within the pre-cut matboard, allowing the picture to show through the matboard cut out and be framed by the board. Then tape (low adhesion tape is best) both the art and the board together. The art now has an easily removable “frame”.  Allow the art to hang freely on the bottom two corners by not attaching the matte board to the art. This keeps the art from distorting due to pressure points caused by change in humidity. Now simply insert the matte board into the Casso art display rail. Voila! An almost instant professional art display. This is something the young Picasso in your household will be proud of. Their art on display … And your refrigerator will thank you.

BTW, the matboards described above are re-useable. Who doesn’t like that? Also, almost the same result can be accomplished by taping/mounting youth art to a mount board or even a slightly larger piece of inexpensive construction paper.

If you accomplish this in your home or classroom, be sure to send us photos to share in our Customer’s Corner section.

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