Contempo® System Brings Classy Design Solutions to Front Office Makeover

We love receiving stories of your successful hanging projects using AS Hanging Systems’ architectural hardware. Here is one we’ve recently received from Architects West, Inc.

This week we installed the AS Hanging Systems Contempo® Series in the front entry of our corporate office. The transformation of the space has been remarkable!! For the last 4 years we have had a piece of art hung in celebration of our 35th anniversary. It was outdated, with employees who no longer worked for the company, caused glare from the acrylic finish and overall was just plain ugly. Our goal was to create a space that allowed us to continually refresh the front entry without costing thousands of dollars every time. The Contempo Series was the perfect fit!!

Using the Contempo System, the hanging system itself became a part of the art. It added class to the space and provided us with a standard backdrop that is attention-getting on its own and also allows us the flexibility to change our canvas art annually at a fraction of the cost of other options.

We have received compliments all week long about the piece and have caught visitors on numerous occasions standing mesmerized as they studied the pictures. Along with the photos of the system on display in our office, I have included a picture of our space before the AS Hanging System was installed so you can see just how much of a difference it has made to our front office reception area.

PS…I LOVE how easy it was to install! I installed the whole system by myself in less than 2 hours!

Thanks so much Architects West! We’re thrilled AS Hanging Systems has made such a positive impact in your front office design upgrade.

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