Track Selection to Properly Fit Your Project

When you realize that a hanging system track is likely to survive the life of the building in which it is installed, track selection is worthy of a little extra consideration. A review of various attributes can ensure versatile functionality for years to come, and ultimate satisfaction. Let’s review the four main factors related to hanging system track selection. The four primary factors to consider:

1. Discreet
2. Strength
3. Convenience
4. Versatility

The primary attribute that affects the relative “discreet quotient” of a track is whether the track is “closed-face” or “open-face” in design.

Open-Face Wall Track and Closed-Face Click Rail Track by AS Hanging Systems

Closed-face track hides the fasteners that mount the track to the structure and allows a clean, smooth appearance. On the other hand, an open-face track, allows the fasteners to be seen. While it is true that most prefer highly discreet track designs, too much can be made of this attribute. One of the mitigating issues that will lessen the impact of an open-face design, causing it to be perceived as more discreet, is the height at which it will be mounted. Tracks mounted high on a wall or ceiling, above the normal line of sight will diminish the visual impact. Lighting in the area where the track is attached also has significant impact on perception. Generally, if the track is mounted above the line of lighting, the track will recede into the background. Also, avoid downlighting and wall wash lighting where a hanging system track could cast shadows on the wall. Lastly, most track options come in various finishes. To minimize the visual impact of a track, select a finish that blends into the surrounding color palette.

Our Wall Track (See Cable System or Classic System) offers solutions when strength is a factor to be considered. It can be seen as the left profile in the above photo. This is an “industrial strength” track, as it is rated for up to 300 lbs. per six-foot length. This capacity can yield future benefits when needs change. By comparison, the right profile in the above image is our Click Rail track. It is rated for up to 78 lbs. per six-foot length.

For some applications, track selection isn’t about being discreet or requiring high weight capacity. For some it is a track that offers paramount convenience – convenience to reset a display several times a day if need be, as in a gallery. With this criteria in mind, our Wall Track or Contempo® Track is the best bet. These tracks are compatible with rods in addition to cables. Rods are extremely easy to use. This is because, being rigid, one can usually grasp the rod while standing on the floor and manipulate the rod in and out of the track. No ladders are needed. However, even if you prefer to deploy cables, as compared to rods, you will likely find an open-face track, such as Wall Track or Contempo Track, to be more convenient (easy to use) than Click Rail track.

Wall Track with Various Compatible Rod and Cable Options by AS Hanging Systems

That leads us to our last major track-selection attribute, “Versatility”. Our Contempo Track and Wall Track both offer incredible system versatility, since both may deploy either cables or rods. However, the Contempo Track may still hold the upper hand in this factor because it also may be deployed on curved walls, something no other track, from any vendor, may claim.

Contempo System Track and Cable/Rod Options by AS Hanging Systems

If you have questions, or wish to learn more on how proper track selection can improve your next design project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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  1. I contacted you a while ago, and you did call me back, but I got distracted by other projects. It is now time to revisit picture hanging.

    I sent pictures last time, I have some paneling, some vaulted ceilings, etc. Not a ton of art but I hesitate to nail into the paneling any more than the previous home owner did. I also would like to be able to move things around as my ‘collection’ grows.

    • Hi Tricia,

      Thanks so much for the inquiry. To assure you receive information that fits your exact project, I’ll be sure to have one of our Customer Service Representatives contact you directly.

  2. I have a wall of mirrors from floor to ceiling. I want to hang artwork over the mirrored wall. Do I purchase a ceiling mounted track? What is the best system for home use?

    Thank you,

    • Thanks, Evelyn, for the great question. In the situation you describe, typically Ceiling Track would be the best choice. From that, you may hang using either cables or rods. The cables/rods could be suspended from above and terminate behind your objects or could continue to a second track mounted at the floor.

      Alternatively, you could select fixed piers mounted to both floor and ceiling. Cables would be used in this instance. We’d love to help you any way we can. Please feel free to call our support center at 866-935-6949.

  3. I am shopping for a book store that features local artists work. I have a 4×4 “moulding” that is installed into a plaster wall, that is interrupted in several sections with book shelves. The space in between each shelf is about a foot, and I have 6 spaces. Are there tracks available that could accommodate the breaks or are there only options for continuous tracks? Would it have to be a custom order? Would the cost be more?

    • Good news … This would not be custom. More good news … It would not be expensive. You may select any of our hanging system tracks, particularly Click Rail System or Cable System would be particularly appropriate for such short lengths. The tracks ship in 6-foot lengths and may easily be trimmed to length in the field. Then you would select cables and hooks just as with any other installation. We’d be more than happy to address you personally and directly at our Customer Service Department at 866-935-6949. We have trained, live representatives to help you.

  4. Recently a question was posted on our French-language blog posing this question, “On tv, I saw paintings hung on a wall on a kind of track, all of them [the paintings] at the same height. Was the track a permanent support and where can I find it? Thank you”.

    Without seeing what you saw, of course I can only speculate. If it was a historic building, built prior to 1930s, there’s a good chance what you saw was a picture rail. Picture rails were commonly included in buildings of all types between the 1880s and 1930s. This is a wooden feature built into the interior wall structure during construction. The following photo is of a permanent picture rail.

    Genuine picture rails, as described above, were the original concept behind contemporary picture hanging systems that we bring to market. Our picture rails, once installed, are “permanent”, however they could be removed, but seldom are.The image below shows our Wall Track, Ceiling Track, Click Rail Track, and Contempo® Track, in order from left to right.

    Please be sure to check our Cable System and Click Rail System for additional information. I’ll be happy to have a Customer Service Representative contact you personally to assist you with your inquiry.

    • Yes, just be mindful of nylon cable weight capacity (15 pounds each). One work-around is to use two cables, one on the left side and one on the right side, which will give you a combined capacity of 30 pounds. You can find more about weight capacity at this location.