Specialty Hooks – Using Aluminum Frame Hooks

In a previous post about specialty hooks, we’ve shared with you one of the benefits of the Utility Hook. Another specialty hook that is worth investigating is the Aluminum Frame Hook.

Aluminum Picture Frame Hooks by AS Hanging Systems, This patented product is unique in that it interfaces directly with the rear channel of many leading brands of extruded aluminum picture frames.

Standard Installation of Aluminum Frame Hook Secured with Cable Stop by AS Hanging Systems

This photo shows the Aluminum Frame Hook installed in this manner. They are installed in pairs, one for each side of the frame. Also note that a cable stop has been added just below the hook to provide anti-theft capability.

These hooks are used in pairs, one in each side-rail of a compatible aluminum frame. They are held in place via a set screw and are installed to the frame first, and then to our system cable. This design produces a “secure” solution, and when used with a cable stop, as pictured on the prior slide, these hooks also offer anti-theft capacity.

Easy Installation of Aluminum Frame Hook by AS Hanging Systems

Since this type of frame construction is relatively inexpensive and robust, it is an excellent way to display student art at the high school, higher education institutions, and at public libraries and other public facilities.

Fitting various sizes of art into frames with larger openings is easily accommodated by using a series of mat boards to act as “adapters”. This creates an extremely versatile and secure display system for public locations. When the large frames are hung with these Aluminum Frame Hooks and adjoining cable stops, the display becomes most tamper resistant.

Wherever you’re wanting to create a gallery using a themed look of aluminum frames, be it a school space or a public arena with much foot traffic, you can easily and securely create a wall design to meet your needs using our specialty Aluminum Frame Hook.

How will you put our Aluminum Frame Hooks to use?

For more information about the Aluminum Frame Hook, please click here.

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