Keep Your Art or Hanging Display In Place Using Secure Hanging Hooks

Last week we shared with you our post, Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings, discussing the use of heavy-duty hooks. This week we’re continuing with this topic, but we’re expanding on the “strongest hooks” theme and will discuss similarly strong hooks with an added feature … security. Our Secure Self-Gripping Hook and our Anti-Theft Secure Hook are designed to provide a secure hanging hook system. These two hooks have the same weight supporting capacity as their siblings, the Self-Gripping Hook and the Heavy-Classic Hook as mentioned in our earlier post.

What do we mean when we refer to “secure” hanging hooks? These are hooks that will prevent the hanging object from falling when bumped or unintentionally struck from below. Perfect for high-traffic areas, seismic areas, or even ships, where jostling can be a frequent occurrence.

The Secure Self-Gripping Hook is a variant of our most popular hook, altered with a larger throat to handle bulky hanging mechanisms such as rope or woven fabric and macrame. The distinctive security characteristic is in the security bail, much like that found on a carabiner. Once the item is put in place, dislodging is prevented. As with the Self-Gripping Hook, adjusting the item’s location is still easily accomplished. The Secure Self-Gripping Hook is used with our cables/cords and when matched with a steel cable, it will support up to 33 lbs.

Secure Self-Gripping Hook by AS Hanging Display Systems

The Anti-theft Secure Hook, when combined with additional hardware, can become an anti-theft setup. For this post, though, we will be focusing on the hook itself, which provides security from being dislodged. We’ll discuss the anti-theft options in an upcoming post.

The Anti-theft Secure Hook, similar in design to the Heavy-Classic Hook, which does not include the “secure” feature, incorporates a security latch that requires an Allen key for removal. The hook remains easy to use, however, due to a cam action self-gripping mechanism. In this hook design, a spring supports the weight of the hook until the object is presented, making one-handed operation easy during installation or when needing to make display changes. The Anti-Theft Secure Hook is suitable for use with our 4mm square profile rods. It is capable of supporting an impressive 70 lbs. per hook.

Anti-Theft Secure Hook by AS Hanging Display Systems

When displaying your wall hangings, the last thing you want to discover is that objects have been bumped out of the hook or have fallen, leaving an unsightly display or worse, have caused damage or injury. You also don’t want to be spending time re-attaching everything. Avoid these mishaps by implementing our secure hooks into your next, or even your current, wall hanging designs.

For further information about the hooks mentioned in this post, please visit Secure Self-Gripping Hook and Anti-Theft Secure Hook.

If you have questions about weight limits, be sure to download our free Weight Guide as a convenient reference tool.

Do you have a display that has been “displaced” in the past and could use more security? We’d love to hear your story below!

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