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5 Inspiring Wall Display Ideas for your Office

Considering we spend a third of our lives at our workplace, it’s no wonder our physical environment has an effect on our work performance! From the office layout, the lighting, the color schemes, to the artwork on the walls, all of these elements play a huge part in our overall mood and productivity.

In order to make your office a better place to be, let’s look at some creative ways you could be utilizing your walls.

1. Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Painted Chalkboard Calendar by Martha Stewart, photo courtesy of

Leave it to Martha Stewart for crafty and functional ideas! With a few coats of chalkboard paint, you can transform a plain old wall in your home office into a giant organizer. A creative way to track meetings and appointments, make to-do lists, and create reminders.

Learn how to make your own chalkboard wall calendar here.

2. Suspended Idea Boards

We’ve helped lots of businesses think up big ideas with our unique Footprintless® Easels that can be used to display a calendar, photograph, or even an easel pad in your cubicle or meeting room. They may be adapted to hang from the top of a wall divider, and are ideal for open office spaces – anywhere there is a wall or panel backing it up!  This installation is in the offices of the incredibly creative folks at The Public Works and  Battery 621 in Denver, CO.

3. “Hipstamatic” the Walls

Photos Taken with Hisptamatic Mobile App Line Office Walls of Apartment Therapy

We came across this image on Apartment Therapy. The individual who works in this small office was looking for a way to spruce up the bare walls and make the space more inviting. It seems there was an app for that! He printed photos he’s taken using the Hipstamatic mobile app for iPhone and this was the result.

What do you think? Would all the pictures help or hinder your productivity?

4. Have Fun in the Hallway

Kingsport Ballet Dance Studio Uses Cable Systems by AS Hanging Systems

Hallways need not be boring! A bold piece of art that extends the length of the hallway is a great way to send people down the hall in style. The art was made from a number of art canvas panels and the artist painted it for this location. When it came to mounting the canvas sections, the facility opted for our hanging fittings so the numerous small position adjustments would be very easy to accomplish. Fluidity in motion – just the right thing for the Kingsport Ballet Dance Studio.

5. Look at Time Differently

Doug Jackson Wall LED Word Clock, photo courtesy of

An innovative creation designed by Doug Jackson, shared by Interior Unity, this clock tells the time with statements rather than numbers.  A new way to look at time, a great way to encourage out of the box thinking!

Do you have any wall display ideas for boosting creativity and productivity to add to this list? Leave us a comment just below. We’d love to hear all about them!

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