How to Hang Your Little One’s Artwork Without Creating a Cluttered Look

Little ones love to create art masterpieces and especially love it when Mom or Dad choose to display it proudly. We’ve all been there though … one masterpiece is quickly overcome by another brilliant show of creativity. We’d keep each and every one of these colorful and imaginative bursts, but for two main points of contention. Hanging them and changing them frequently.

A recent article by Houzz contributor, Alison Hodgson, shows how she beautifully displays her children’s drawings, paintings, and crafts in frames, creating a collage wall with the mementos. While the article, Decluttering – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back, isn’t really about hanging the art at all but rather more about decluttering and a terrible house fire she and her family endured, the photos she shares of her wall hangings return to the point of our post … hanging your child’s artwork without nails and being able to change it spontaneously without effort.

Our Casso® Display Rail allows for these conveniences. It’s this simple … hang the display rail. Our kit comes complete with mounting supplies.

Casso Display Rail by AS Hanging Systems Hangs Children’s Art in Bedroom

Now anyone is free to add and remove creations at a whim. No nails, tape, adhesive-based foam products, mounting putty, or refrigerator magnets required! Slip in, slip out! Since Casso Display Rail can accommodate items up to 2mm (just a little more than 1/16 inch) thick, should you want to mount a particularly special picture, you can certainly do so. Mat board fits just fine.

Hanging Children’s Art Using Casso Display Rail by AS Hanging Systems

Now the only thing you’ll need to consider is if you’ve stocked up on enough art supplies.

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