Making Senior Living Spaces Beautiful and Versatile

Creating a homey and aesthetically comfortable environment, while bringing visual interest and vitality to an interior space can be easily achieved simply by displaying art and/or photographs that evoke the target mood. In this senior living facility, Click Rail System has been installed in the Community Center, creating a pleasant and inviting room for social gatherings, game night, dining, arts and crafts activities, and even a family and visitor gathering center.

Senior Living Facility Uses Click Rail System by AS Hanging Systems, photo 1

You can see that track lighting has been installed to highlight each piece of art. The beauty of using a hanging system, and Click Rail System in this particular instance, is the ability to hang art without using nails. This allows for the art to easily be changed. This facilitates seasonal needs to move furnishing for decorations or to accommodate new wall objects. Keep them changing for fresh vitality. All this is possible with little effort and no damage to the walls. When the residents need a change of environment to keep things fresh and stimulating, the facilities department can easily update the displays.

Senior Living Facility Uses Click Rail System by AS Hanging Systems, photo 4

Senior Living Facility Uses Click Rail System by AS Hanging Systems, photo 5

Senior Living Facility Uses Click Rail System by AS Hanging Systems, photo 6

Keeping active living spaces fresh, current, and inviting has been achieved here in a simple, versatile, and efficient way while maintaining appeal and cost efficacy. We love it when a plan comes together.

Do you have a public space that longs for freshening up and begs for versatility? Let us know about your project needs. We’d love to help!

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  1. My husband and I did a talk at an adult living facility in N. Myrtle Beach is South Carolina in May of this year. They had a rail hanging system in the halls and my husband and I were both fascinated by them. We have a wall that is about 12′ long that we want to hang some family photo’s on so they can be arranged and changed easily. ( 5 children, 12 grand and 5 great grand makes for a lot of pictures) We have been thinking of a rail system since we also have some amazing pictures that have been taken on our sea shelling trips. We live in a double wide home that has slanted ceiling so the rails would have to show. We are both senior citizens on a fixed budget, but would like info on your rails and cost of purchasing them.

    • Thank you very much for your interest and sharing your comments. Yes, this is a very good application and exactly what we can help you with. The systems are typically fairly inexpensive, particularly in light of what they can accomplish and the flexibility they bring. A call to our toll free line, 866-953-6949, will enable you to speak to one of our customer service representatives who will help determine what your actual costs might be.