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We have offered steel cables in a variety of lengths and configurations for many years. These are mostly stainless steel, while many combinations are also available in galvanized steel. The stainless steel versions are often referred to as “aircraft cable”.  Anyway, something came up recently that made us realize we offer very good quality cable for sale. Perhaps we were guilty of not adequately communicating that quality. In this blog entry we thought to remedy that shortfall, we would share how and why these cables are better than most.

7x7 Woven Steel Cable by AS Hanging Systems

Wire fabric. Our steel cable is woven from 7 strands, which are woven into a bundle. Then 7 bundles are wrapped around one another. That is why it is described as 7 bundles of 7 strands, or 7×7 wire rope construction. There are many ways to fabricate a steel wire (cable) and many are less expensive. However, our 7×7 construction makes the cables very flexible, while also maintaining strength. As a counter point, imagine how stiff a cable would be if it were made from only 7 wires, each of which were the size of one of our bundles. The 7×7 construction offers the best balance between strength and flexibility.

At one end of each of our cables, we press-on a fitting using a hydraulic press. These fittings make the cable compatible with one or more of our tracks and other accessories. We distinguish between these with names like P-End, J-End, T-End, Twist-End, etc. The only exception is our Barrel-End Cable to which the cable-end fitting is not pressed but is instead die cast directly to the cable fabric.

Contempo® Track with P-End, J-End, and C-Hanger/Barrel-End Cables, from top respectively, by AS Hanging Systems

At the opposite end of the cable assembly we fuse the wire strands together. This is done to help prevent the cable from fraying. It keeps the 49 loose stands all bound together in one tight mass. Without this detail the cable would likely fray and prematurely fail, an unnecessary mishap when designing a display cable system.

For this reason, whenever possible, we recommend our steel cable not be cut in the field. When it is necessary to cut a cable, please use our Cable Trim Kit. This kit makes it possible to re-fuse the cut end with adhesives.

Whether you select our galvanized cables or stainless steel cables, you can be sure that our 7×7 cables will provide strength, flexibility, and remain viable for the life of your display.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at info@ashanging.com, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

When you hang with AS Hanging Systems, you Hang with the Best®

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