Product Introduction: Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables and Rods

Recently we shared a short and general product introduction post about several new products within our gallery rod hanging system product family. One of those new products was our Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Rods. Today, we’re going to delve more deeply into the subject of Counter-Weight Stabilizers, as well as introduce the sibling product, our Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables. Let me just begin by saying, “Don’t underestimate these little ‘mediators’ just because of their size and shape. They have an important job to do, and they are definitely capable of moving things in the right direction.

Let’s start by recapping the purpose and value of our Counter-Weight Stabilizers.

Occasionally, a particular framed item simply will not behave when hanging from an art hanging system. What I am describing here is a situation where the top of the frame tilts away from the wall. This is particularly the case when the object is short in the vertical dimension, or the frame is very lightweight, or when the center of gravity of the frame is well forward of the wall surface, as will occur when the frame is deep. To lessen this situation, we have developed our Counter-Weight Stabilizers. They use the weight of the actual frame to tension the hanging system fittings and thus lessen the “hanging away from the wall” syndrome.

In an unorthodox manner, our Counter-Weight Stabilizers will attach to the lower back surface of the frame, instead of the universally accepted method of attaching near the top of a frame. This is true of both of the Counter-Weight Stabilizers (for cables or for rods). Each Stabilizer includes guides to force the cable or rod to follow the rear side of the frame. This keeps the frame from flipping over – upside-down. This is a very leveraged strategy and very similar to the approach aircraft designers use when applying forward swept wings in advance fighter jets. That design requires computers to make the multitude of adjustments every second to stabilize the plane and keep it “in control”.  The small guides included in our products serve the same function, as do the computers in these advanced fighters.

Counter-Weight Stabilizer, Rod

Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Rods by AS Hanging Systems Mounting Illustration

The product assortment includes D-Rings, which are mounted to the lower area of the frame, as described above. Two Rod Guides are mounted to the upper edge of the frame and directly inline with the D-Rings, below them. Lastly, inert polyurethane Bumpers are included. In the Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Rods, these are attached to the rear of the frame and close to the Rod Guides. These help protect the wall from contact with the guide. See illustration above.

Note should be made that our Counter-Weight Stabilizers for rods are intended for use in conjunction with our rod system, Classic System. Others might call this category of products a Gallery System, a French Rod System, or the combined French Gallery System.

Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Rods by AS Hanging Systems

For best results, pair this product with of our Heavy Classic Hook.

Counter-Weight Stabilizer, Cable

Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables by AS Hanging Systems Mounting Illustration

Just as with the rod version, the Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables uses the same ingenious design allowing the frame to be supported from a low position. This causes the center of gravity to be moved much lower in the frame and allows it to hang more evenly on the wall with less tilt at the top. The concept is identical. However, there are some differences between the two products. Of course the guides are different. The Cable Guide is specifically designed to hold the cable very close to the rear of the frame. Be certain to install it at the top edge of the frame to create the maximum leverage. Also, with the cable version of the Counter-Weight Stabilizer, the two supplied bumpers are mounted in the lower position. These help protect the wall surface from rubbing with the hanging hardware.

Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables by AS Hanging Systems

For best results, we recommend pairing the Counter Weight Stabilizer for Cables with our Mini Hook or Multi-Purpose Hook.

The result is a frame that responds in a more pleasing way. However, depending on a large number of variables, this may, or may not, solve all issues with some hanging objects.

Also to note, Counter-Weight Stabilizers should only be used when a wall object is hanging from two cables (or two rods) – one at each of the left and right rails of the frame. For frames hanging from a single cable, see our conventional Frame Stabilizer for cables or Frame Stabilizer for rods.

Counter-Weight Stabilizers, for cables or for rods, assist in positioning your wall objects for visible balance and stability. Since hanging art without nails, as well as other interesting objects, can present unique hanging conditions, such as tilting, implementing stabilizers into your hanging solutions can offer just the “look” you desire.

Note: Neither of these stabilizers, for cables or rods, are compatible with aluminum frames or other frames too small to accept screws needed to mount supplied components. Other screws may be substituted in place of those supplied.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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