Got to Have Brass Ones to Hang Glass Ones

… Hang Delicate Glass Balls – We’re Up to the Challenge

Wow, we never cease to be amazed at the clever and creative ways in which our customers implement our interior fittings. In this week’s Customer’s Corner story, Ceiling Track and J-End Cables are used to design an inconspicuous hanging apparatus, allowing these beautifully hand-blown globes to be suspended mid-air, allowing the globes to speak for themselves. Here’s what this customer had to say about their approach …

“AS Hanging Systems,

We recently built a new home but wanted to create a focal point in our morning room. John, at Canton Glass Works in Canton, Ohio, blew these clear spheres to hang almost as a chandelier. We wanted to capture the natural elements of rain and snow that we see all too often in Ohio.

Clear sphere chandelier in morning room

After much research we found your company and used your hanging rails in white, and your hanging lines in clear.

Clear sphere globes suspended from Ceiling Track by AS Hanging Systems

We are more than pleased, as we wanted a clean modern aesthetic but also had to take into account the weight of the globes.

Hand blown glass balls suspended from Ceiling Track with Cables by AS Hanging Systems

Your product worked, per everyone’s comments about the glass installation and how we were able to hang the globes.

Brian & Cindy”

We think the glass globes float beautifully mid-air and convey just the message the customers were looking to achieve – nature’s elements of rain and snow. Another perfect example of how to hang art and objects in novel ways.

Thanks so much, Brian and Cindy, for sharing your home decorating story with us.

Do you have a design story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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