How to Hang Plates on a Wall

Opa!! Don’t Break that Plate!

We have recently published several articles to give insights into using our display fittings to hang various 3-dimensional objects: Gotta Have Brass Ones to Hang Glass Ones and How to Hang 3D Wall Art. Today we thought we would continue that trend with a discussion on hanging plates and ceramic art.

The largest challenge to hanging art plates, collectable plates, and vintage tableware is that these items do not have attachment points, as does a typical art piece that is intended to hang on a wall. However, problem solved. The common plate hanger is available widely. We offer a version as a convenience to our clients. It is designed to grasp these sorts of fragile pieces. However, less common, the grasping fingers of our plate hanger are covered with vinyl sleeves to cushion your heirlooms and to avoid chipping delicate edges.

Plate Hanger by AS Hanging Systems

The Plate Hanger will comfortably span a flat or curved surface that is as small as 8 inches wide and will stretch up to 12 inches. The square decorative plate in the following photo is 12 inches between top and bottom edges. By the way, the inscription translates to “Going slow doesn’t prevent you from getting there – Nigerian Proverb”. In case you were wondering.

Square ceramic plate with French inscription.

The hanger, because of its spring action, easily adjusts to objects that are not flat at all. The shallow bowl in the following image is also held on display by our Plate Hanger. You see that it is definitely a bowl.

Front view of decorative plate displayed on wall using AS Hanging Systems

Side view of decorative plate displayed on wall using AS Hanging Systems











This decorative art piece is 18 inches in diameter, well beyond the 12 inch maximum capacity of our Plate Hanger. “So how was this achieved?” you might ask. The next image shows how two Plate Hangers were nested together to span the entire distance. The entire assembly is attached to the hanging system cable via a cable gripper, our Self-Gripping Hook. However, most any cable hook would likely serve well in this application. You will note that the extra cable is gathered and hidden behind the plate, as recommended.

Two plate hangers used to hang large plate on wallMany types of collectibles could be presented in this same manner, even rugged and not so delicate vintage advertising signs, for example. But perhaps the most valuable trait of using a hanging system to hang plates and collectibles is the ability to change your display without damaging your wall surfaces. Collectors are always adding pieces and changing their displays to accommodate their new find. With AS Hanging Systems’ display fittings you have the liberty to change your display every day if you wish. There is never a hole caused by damaging nails and traditional wall hangers. Never mind all the patching, sanding and painting you will avoid. Such are the benefits of hanging art without nails. Spend more of your time collecting and sharing your objects. And less time “playing” handyman.

While the Greeks have a dramatic tradition of celebratory breaking of plates at festivals or weddings, protecting plates is our objective.

If you implement such an approach to hanging plates or ceramic art in your home, office or gallery, please share photos with us.

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