Casso® Display Rail Receives Registered Trademark Status

We are proud to announce that our trademark “Casso” has been granted official registered trademark status by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Casso® Display Rail by AS Hanging Systems

Casso Display Rail is a cleverly designed rail that allows for paper and mat board up to 2mm (1/16th inch) in thickness to be displayed simply by slipping them into the slot at the bottom of the rail. With its unique design of no internal rollers, stapled documents will not become jammed. There will never be torn edges or fraying of documents either.

Whether you’re using Casso Display Rail in a professional or school environment, or you’re installing it as a functional addition to an artistic piece, the track is clean and purposeful, and completely eliminates the use of cork boards and map rails.

Photo Display using Casso® Display Rail by AS Hanging Systems

Above, a series of Casso rails are used to present art photography in a school. This allows staff to effortlessly change out the prints on display at any one moment. And, because the design of Casso track is “fastener-less”, the prints are not damaged, nor is there the concern of stray thumbtacks or staples being unfortunately misplaced on the floor, or mischieviously misused. This clearly demonstrates Casso Display Rail as a replacement for bulletin bars, maps rails and cork rails found in most North America schools.

Casso® Display Rail by AS Hanging Systems used as Decorative Wall Shelf.

We’re very proud of our uniquely designed Casso Display Rail and our newly acquired registered trademark. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how Casso Display Rail can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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