Hang with the Best® Blog Turns 100

Hang with the Best™ Blog Turns 100

We’re very excited! We have been writing this blog for just over two years and we are already celebrating our 100th article. If you’re not familiar with our blog, here’s what we’ve been writing about:

How-To Articles and Videos

In this category, we share articles that will help you glean practical knowledge and skills for hanging system applications such as how to hang art on brick walls, tips for hanging pictures and gallery wall layouts, and how to hang panel substrate. We also show you how to hang artwork, or learn how to remedy those misbehaving hanging hardware set-ups with our Counter-Weight Stabilizers, and so on.

Architectural Hardware

Need to know what type of display hardware is going to provide functional and smart looking results for your project? Here’s where you can find the answers. Learn how to take advantage of those grid ceilings often found in corporate spaces and basements by using our Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger. See how a leading Class A office building owner/developer markets their properties with a versatile panel display system. Whatever your hanging dilemma, we’ve got the hardware solution. Check out all of our posts for solutions and ideas.

Customer’s Corner

This is one of our favorite categories on the blog. We love hearing from our customers! They are so creative. Here’s where you’ll read how our customers have put some of our products into the most ingenious applications in both commercial and residential settings. Did you know that our Click Rail Track, may be mounted behind crown molding? That it makes a clean and funky, yet very functional, coat rack? And that it’s also been used to create a designer magazine rack that takes up no floor space? Or that our Ceiling Track is just another piece for making beautiful music … displays, that is? Perhaps you have creative picture hanging ideas (or other cool objects you’ve hung). Step on forward and allow us to share them with others.

Pictures and Art

Our Pictures and Art category is less populated. Seems that so many of our post topics fit better into other categories. But we’ll be expanding here as well. Our How to Hang 3D Wall Art is a fun representation of our determination in the office … and on our blog.


Back to the basics. Periodically, every website needs to share basic information, events, and timely news. Here’s where you’ll find when we’re exhibiting at a trade show, our holiday business hours, and exciting company growth, such as this post. If you have questions, you can also find how to contact our customer support team, links to follow our blog, and the links to each category mentioned above for quick reference.

Blogging is hard work and requires a lot of attention but the feedback we have received about these articles makes it all worthwhile. We hope you’ve been part of our 100-post journey and invite you to continue with us well into our multiple-100s of sharing. We appreciate you being a part of our growth and success.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at info@ashanging.com, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

When you hang with AS Hanging Systems, you Hang with the Best®

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