Ideal Picture Hanging Hook Earns Patent

AS Hanging Systems received notice from the US Patent and Trademark Office that the recently redesigned Mini Hook has achieved a patent on its design. This is the third major version of the diminutive cable hanging hook.

Mini Hook, Swivel

The earlier version of this hook introduced the popular swivel feature that allows the body to rotate within the formed wire hook portion of the assembly. This is a great convenience feature that allows for left and right-handed use, which is particularly handy when adjusting frame height in tight or difficult locations.

Mini Hook, Security

Another attribute of this frame hook is that it may be used in a way that provides picture hanging security or anti-theft capability.

Illustrated Mini Hook by AS Hanging Systems showing standard use vs. secure/anti-theft use.

The above illustrations demonstrate this unique capability. Many have asked, “How does the user get the picture wire behind the hanging system cable?”  The following illustration sequence shows how this is accomplished.

Illustration showing how to secure a frame on a Mini Hook by AS Hanging Systems.

This is a great attribute when preparing a cable picture hanging system for earthquake preparedness.

Mini Hook, Slotted Design

The challenge has always been when using a tensioned cable hanging system. Once the cable is tensioned between the upper and lower tracks or piers, it has been very difficult to add a hanging hook to the hanging cable. You could disassemble the bottom cable tensioning apparatus and add a hook and then reattach the cable tensioner. However, this is a challenge – at best. There is a bit of labor involved in tweaking all these fittings. Adding a hook to one cable may consume only ten minutes or so. But if your hanging display system is made of a dozen or more cables, adding hooks to these after the fact can consume much time and patience. Then there is the likelihood that one or more of the cables will fray, making it useless. A new cable will need to be installed and custom fit to replace the original.

The answer is our newly patented “slotted” design Mini Hook. See this animation to best understand how the slotted hook design facilitates adding this hook to a pre-installed tensioned cable.

This is our only hook that has this capability. In fact it is the only hook that we are aware of, anywhere, that can be added to an already installed tensioned cable. That’s cool! It is the big idea.

The Mini Hook is thumb-screw actuated and is compatible with both steel cables and Nylon cords. However, Nylon cords should never be used in a tensioned cable system.

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