Introducing Two-Sided Panel Display Hooks and Hanging Hardware

A year ago, on March 25, 2013 we made an entry here on our blog titled, “How to Hang Panel Substrate”. In that article we introduced a few new additions to our Panel Hook family of products. Specifically we introduced the H3006, Panel Hook, Wide. This was also accompanied by the announcement of a spring clip that could be added to either of the Panel Hooks. This clip front-loads panels in the Panel Hook and towards the viewer so the presentation is always optimized. This is particularly true of panels between 3/16 inch and ½ inch thick.

Today we are introducing other extensions to the product line. These extensions include two new Two-Sided Panels Hooks.

The first is our H3030, Panel Hook, Two-Sided.

Panel Hook, Two-Sided by AS Hanging Systems

It works just as does the original H3005, Panel Hook except this new item allows for panels to be mounted back-to-back while hiding most of the mounting hardware. The cables and the overwhelming majority of the hooks are sandwiched between, and behind, the display surfaces.

The Panel Hook, Two-Sided is also available with Panel Hook Clips. This configuration is our H3065, Panel Hook, Two-Sided with Clips.

Panel Hook, Two-Sided Illustration by AS Hanging Systems

In both of the above and following images, you can see how the spring clip pressures a display panel to the front of the hook and how little of the actual hook is visible from the viewer’s perspective.

Panel Hook, 2-Sided with Clips by AS Hanging Systems

The other major new introduction is our Panel Hook, Wide, Two-Sided. This is our H3031.

Panel Hook, Wide, Two-Sided by AS Hanging SystemsAs you may have anticipated, this product also is available both with and without Panel Hook Clips. With Clips, it is our H3066, Panel Hook, Wide, Two-Sided with Clips.

End View of Panel Hook, Wide, Two-Sided with Clips by AS Hanging Systems

The “wide” version of the Two-Sided Panel Hook combines a unique combination of the characteristics. Being “wide”, it is designed to interact with two adjacent display panels. This is particularly convenient when attempting to assemble a large-tiled presentation that spans multiple panels. See the following image. Details A & C in this illustration demonstrates how the wide, two-sided Panel Hook supports two panels, one to each side of the common cable from which the Panel Hook is attached.

You can appreciate how a very large display could be assembled from relatively small and less expensive prints that may be laminated to, or directly printed onto various substrate.

Panel Hook, Two-Sided Assembles Tiled Image by AS Hanging Systems

Because it is “two-sided”, the fitting can accomplish the same capabilities on two opposing presentation panels. It can simultaneously interact with four panels.

Another novel use for this “wide” product is to support a panel at the top and bottom center of the panel as in the following image.

Wide Panel Hook from AS Hanging Systems Supports Two Back to Back Panels from One Cable.All four of our base Panel Hooks have the capacity of professionally presenting panels of between 3/16 inch and 5/8 inch thickness. Panel substrate of less than 3/16 in thickness may be presented by our H3004, Utility Hook or by adding a spacer to the rear edges of a substrate panel so that our Panel Hook clip is more effective in engaging the thinner panel. Panels of between 3/16 and ½ inch thickness are best used with Panel Hooks equipped with our clip. Panels over ½ inch in thickness should be used with Panel Hooks without the optional clips.

Two-Sided Panel Hooks from AS Hanging Systems are Compatible with a Wide Range of Substrate Thicknesses.This is demonstrated in the above illustrations. However, all this thickness compatibility data has been organized in a table that can be downloaded as a reference.

Panel Hook Clips may be ordered separately as part number H3019, and may be field added, or removed, at will.

The new Two-Sided Panel Hooks are particularly helpful to those engaged in window displays and merchandising, the signage market, in fabricating room dividers for interior décor, tradeshow exhibit design and the museum exhibit market. All these markets can now benefit from very discreet hardware that allows a wide variety of materials and material thicknesses to be used to create two-sided displays.

All base Panel Hooks can be used in conjunction with any tensioned cable hanging systems or suspended from any of AS Hanging Systems cable system configurations. Both new base model two-sided Panel Hooks are patent pending and are available for immediate shipment.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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