How to Hang Children’s Art

Because of this blog and my involvement with it, I frequently perform web searches on all sorts of topics related to hanging all sorts of things. In a recent search, art display rods, I came across a host of photos that revealed to me what can only be viewed as “trending”. Here are a few examples.

The Style Files shares Children’s Drawings as Art.

Photo courtesy of

Children’s art display at Boston Children’s Museum, photo courtesy of Boston Children’s Museum

Photo courtesy of Boston Children’s Museum

DIY Children’s Artwork Wall Display Rod by

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Hey, these are cute. They are certainly creative. But if you’re going out and buying hardware to hang children’s art, why not set yourself up with hardware that was designed to do just that. No, it is not a repurposed curtain rod. It is much more discreet.

After discovering all these web articles I felt the need to find my voice. Where do I attempt to counter these messages and weigh in with another point of view? Turns out I have that platform right here on the Hang with the Best Blog.

There is a product designed to do what these folks have been doing with curtain rods – present inexpensive art in an inexpensive way. It is our Casso® Display Rail. It presents art fast and without bother. It is an art display rail that requires no special clips, no staples, no special art putty, no thumbtacks. It is perfect for presenting children’s art. Simply insert the work from your little Picasso and it hangs in place, and better than the curtain rod approach, since the art paper is backed by a wall surface the page does not twist and turn.

Children's art display using Casso Display Rail .Casso Display Rail displaying children's art.

It is compatible with all manner of art paper and boards. You can overlap pages and are not limited by any number of clips. There are no clips. You can even insert a photo mount board, so when you have something special, Casso Rail is there for you in that instance as well. As one home décor diva might have been heard to say, “It’s a good thing”.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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