Decorating Solutions for Small Space Living

If you live in a postage stamp of a tiny apartment, love the minimal look or just need to downsize, here are some creative ideas to effectively use every nook and cranny in your small space.

Minimal Apartment Space

Wasted Space

Pre-planning and inspired design choices can make a small room look larger. With less space you must pare down possessions, or the room will appear cluttered. That’s not a look you want to encourage. Getting clutter under control makes rooms appear larger. Tap into wasted space underneath a daybed by using shallow pullout bins for storage of items you want to keep, but don’t use daily. Use furniture that doubles as storage. I use an old steamer trunk that doubles as a side table in my living room. This sparks conversation, because it’s an antique, and is serviceable as I keep the kids’ toys out of sight yet still within reach for a quick play date. Use banquettes in the kitchen when possible. It’s seating for the table but also hides a storage compartment beneath the cushion.

The Visual Weight of Furniture

Scale is an important element when it comes to decorating any room, particularly a small room. It’s the size of objects in relation to one another. This doesn’t mean all furniture and accessories have to be tiny. Simply avoid oversized furniture, which eats up valuable floor space quickly. It works out best when you include both small-to-medium scale pieces in your room. Take your room measurements with you when purchasing furniture.

Seating for All

When it comes to a small seating group, stick to smaller scale chairs with low backs. Give the seating group flair by adding art and wall hangings with personal meaning for you and your family. Make sure the scale of the accessories doesn’t overwhelm the furniture.

Hanging your Art

There’s an easy décor tip to get your art off the floor, out from the closet, and out of the storage unit. Innovative art hanging systems will efficiently and gracefully hang framed photos, wall hangings, and art without putting holes in your wall. This will add a sleek and refined look to any room you deem worthy of your art work. Stairwell wall art display using AS Hanging Systems.

Image Source: AS Hanging Display Systems

Shower your Ceiling with Love

In a small space it’s even more challenging to work out the larger look you want. In the past, ceilings were all white. If your walls are one color and the ceiling is another, without knowing it you’ve created a visual break. Do yourself a favor and paint the walls and ceiling the same colour or the ceiling a slightly lighter shade than the walls. This solution makes for a seamless transition and gives the room the appearance of higher ceilings.

I have done this in a recent renovation. I painted my powder room walls and ceiling pink. Yes, I know, it was a bold move–pink, but color choices are personal. Now my art gallery powder room looks more spacious and colorful, use bold to your advantage because small spaces deserve bold.

Using one colour in small room make it appear larger

Image Source: J.Stock Photography

Transparent Furniture to Gain More Space

This fix is one of my favorites because it’s so, so easy. Any piece of furniture you can see through appears to have less volume, less visual weight than a solid item with the same dimensions. This makes trading in a wooden dining table or coffee table for a glass-topped table an excellent choice for small spaces. Plus, acrylic chairs add little visual weight to any area.

switch to glass topped table and gain more visual space

Image Source: J.Stock Photography

The Art of Reflection

Mirrors are more than simple reflection. It’s not all smoke and mirrors, really! Mirrors turn out to be the quickest way to add light to small spaces. A large rectangle mirror positioned opposite of a window, maximizes incoming light. This trick will visually extend the size of the room. Letting in as much light as possible is key to a more spacious and comfy feeling.

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