FF&E Hospitality Planning Tools for the Trade

Imagine the process of evaluating an almost unlimited number of fabrics, textures, colors, floor coverings, window treatments, bed furnishings, soft goods, accessories, wall coverings, art and more. Now imagine the challenge of synthesizing these nearly limitless options into a cohesive interior space plan for some of the most sophisticated clients in the Hospitality market. Then keep all this interactively organized throughout a dynamic pitch session during which your plan is presented, reviewed, revised and ultimately agreed upon. This is the high stakes game of FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) Hospitality Planning. It is the “behind the scenes” process that most all hotels, spas, and many restaurant designs go through before you walk in that very first time.

Now imagine the process is your responsibility. Imagine that process is your business. Meet Innvision Design, a leading provider of interior design and hotel FF&E procurement services to some of the world’s most recognizable hotel brands.

You might ask why are we writing about Innvision here. Well, it turns out they are not only creative in design for their clients but also are very creative problem solvers in managing their dynamic processes. They recently installed AS Hanging Display System’s Casso® Display Rail to aid that process.

Casso Display Rail holds and displays concept materials for consideration and review.

Innvision has created a large “concept wall” that is used to address the challenges of visually organizing and presenting their concepts. It consists of two parallel installations of Casso Bulletin Bar, about 50 linear feet in total. Below these is a line of shallow shelves, or pitch rails, that are used to organize and display small hard object samples such as tiles, carpet swatches, and other samples.

FF&E concepts under review and organized with AS Hanging System’s Casso Art Display Rail.

Together these interior specialty fittings empower Innvision to tame the beast. Casso Display Rail offers Innvision the ability to present each concept board to the design team, or the client, in an organized manner without muss or fuss. This is an “always ready” tool because there is no need for staples, thumb-tacks, or even magnets. Yet, any individual sheet, or a number of concept boards, may easily be removed or repositioned. This is very convenient during interactive reviews when a particular flooring is to be considered as part of the elevator lobby instead of the main lobby, for example. The flooring illustration can be moved to associate with the other elevator lobby finishes.

All this is possible due to the gripper strip at the lower edge of the rail, very similar to the wiper blade on a car. Concept boards, as thin as a piece of paper or up to 2mm (1/16 inch) thick, can simply be slipped into the rail. They immediately hold in place. Since no internal rollers are present, Casso Art Display Rail will not jam or tear pages upon removal. Even sheets with multiple layers using staples will not cause damage or issues.

Innvision Design concepts organized and ready for review. AS Hanging System’s Casso Wall Display Rail makes it possible.

AS Hanging Display Systems Casso Display Rail organizes interior finishes at FF&E concept room.

With such ease of use, entire concept and design presentations can be reoriented in a matter of moments. Innvision prides themselves on their comprehensive approach to managing each project by practicing highly efficient and agile processes. Casso Art Rail delivers these same qualities. Efficiency at its finest.

Casso Art Rails organize design choices with ease and without fasteners.We all appreciate purposefully designed spaces. Innvision has created one even in their work environment. What a great concept!

Is your company active in architecture, interior design, product development/design, industrial design, graphic arts, advertising, video game production, video production, set and prop design, fashion design, animation or any of many other creative processes? You may have a space that would benefit from being able to create concept walls using Casso Display Rail! We’d love to help you with implementation.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at info@ashanging.com, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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