How to Creatively Use a Bulletin Bar

Over the past couple of years we’ve shared various articles showcasing Casso® Display Rail. Each of these posts shares a unique product application, however there are still some misconceptions that Casso Display Rail has a single function with a single approach.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

So we decided to prepare a compilation to broaden the perceptions about this product. Here are some examples of its wide variety of uses.

Casso Display Rail in the Workplace

Casso® Display Rail organizes concept board in design studio.

Does your place of business (industry), perhaps even your home office, require management of multiple concepts being imagined, intertwined, or manipulated repeatedly? Casso Display Rail is designed for repeated placement, and replacement, of visuals for a smooth, creative, and interactive workflow of ideas.

The example here is of an FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) hospitality planner’s concept and presentation room. Casso Display Rail offers the ability to present each concept board to the design team, or the client, in an organized manner without muss or fuss. This is an “always ready” tool!

Casso Display Rail in Schools

Casso® Display Rail replaces cork rail (#corkrailfail) in schools.

I’m hedging my bet that most of you will agree this is a much better solution for how to hang art in schools than those temperamental cork rails that dry out, shrink, break, are prone to graffiti, and rely on sharps such as staples or thumbtacks to display student projects. With Casso art rail, there is no damage to the child’s masterpiece, or to the child for that matter, since papers can easily be slid in and out of the Casso Display Rail, and no pranks or accidents involving push pins can occur.

Casso Display Rail won’t become non-functional – or someday end up looking like the cork rail below. We describe this as #CorkRailFail.

Casso® Rail solves #CorkRailFail

Designer Casso Display Rail Shelf for the Home, Office, or Retail Boutique

Casso® Display Rail combines with decorative shelf for function and interior design.One of our customers loved the bulletin bar concept and functionality of Casso Display Rail for her home office, but wanted something more “designer”. So her husband donned his creative hat, so to speak, and built this decorative shelf out of scrap crown molding from a recent remodelling project. Simple steps and inexpensive supplies re-imagine Casso track into a functional bulletin bar and shelf with flair. I can easily imagine decorative shelves like this in specialty boutiques. The shelf can hold decorative trinkets while Casso rail can “hang” pictures and such.

Casso Display Rail answers the question, “How to Hang Children’s Art at Home?”

Casso® Display Rail displays children’s art at home, school, or day care facilities. NO sharps!Is your refrigerator begging for a reprieve from being covered by magnets holding your children’s various masterpieces? One over another over another? Or perhaps you frig is a newer stainless model making the magnet approach a non-starter. Perhaps you have a wall in your home where you’ve hung curtain rods fitted with clips to display your little one’s latest drawings, fingerpainting, or macaroni picture. When the art is old, or tattered, or simply not there any longer, those curtain rods quickly become an eyesore and out of place.

Casso Display Rail will not become ill-suited to its original placement. When your kiddo’s art isn’t being proudly displayed, other items can easily be accommodated and fit right in place. I’m seeing greeting cards, grocery lists or recipe cards, school supply lists, (To Do lists, but you didn’t hear it from me), inspirational photos of vacation spots or health or motivational images, and so on. You get the point, right? When your kids outgrow the “art” phase, Casso Display Rail will grow with you into the next phase. Never out of place.

Casso® Display Rail multi-tasks, holding cards, recipes, notes, etc. in home or office. Casso Display Rail is versatile, as you have just seen. But there are more application posts including Casso posting rail coming soon. If you have a creative or useful way of implementing Casso Display Rail that we’ve not mentioned, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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  1. 1. Would like to know how the paper is held up in the Casso system as I am in the process of upgrading a training room.
    2. Is this product available in Australia?

    • Thanks for the great questions. We do ship internationally, including to Australia. As for “how it works”, it uses the friction of several “fingers” that are similar in design to a windshield wiper blade. The friction from these fingers holds the paper inserted into Casso® Display Rail from below. See this link which will give you an idea of what these fingers look like.