Library Pocket Display System Creates Boardless® Bulletin Board

What do you use when you have a visual message, or many messages, to post for public consumption? Answer: a bulletin board.

But while you need the flexibility to change these messages frequently you also need to maintain visual order. Now the answer is not so certain.

Add the extra challenge of placing the visual display in a high traffic and very public space, meaning sharps such as thumbtacks and pushpins should be avoided, and now a common bulletin board is clearly not the answer.

Bulletin boards, aka cork boards, are a commonly relied upon tool, and are assumed status quo for relaying notes, message posting, and other visual communication to a varied public. They allow for messages to be posted as needed and changed at will. And we assume the standard always works just fine.

But not so fast. There are a number of gotchas with this approach. Standard bulletin boards, you know the kind made of corkboard, and sometimes other materials as well, and require staples or thumbtacks for attaching papers, quickly become unkempt and disorderly. You’ve seen, or used, them countless times. Messages quickly become covered with other messages, nothing is structured or easily read, and the entire approach to clearly sharing news quickly becomes disheveled. A visual hodge-podge! With the few exceptions of users who methodically organize and maintain their postings (and are the only ones making changes), these information platforms become a place to completely avoid instead of a magnet to those seeking information. This is why you’ll seldom see a bulletin board photographed with messages posted to it in office supply catalogues. They simply don’t maintain a tidy appearance.

These tack boards, or memo boards, also pose risks and safety hazards from sharps, especially when children are concerned, due to the very thumbtacks and staples that inevitably stray to the floor or the hands of our curious youth.

A potential place for chaos, clutter and tears.

This was the exact scenario recently encountered by a community library in a Chicago suburb. They needed to share the library’s activities, events and services with their visitors. To ensure that the information was readily available to the library’s daily traffic, the postings were to be placed in the lobby, through which every visitor would pass.

For the Bensenville Community Public Library, the standard bulletin board approach was not a viable option. They desired a professional-appearing display and one that stayed that way. Further, because the ideal location was immediately above a drinking fountain, they also needed to prevent water splashes on the postings, and avoid using staples and pushpins, etc. Their search for how to create an uncluttered bulletin board uncovered the Boardless Bullentin Board. Was it the perfect solution? Absolutely.

Acrylic Pocket Display in a 3x3 format forms a Boardless® Bulletin Board.Check out what the Bensenville Library had to share:


… I am the Marketing Coordinator at the Bensenville Community Public Library. We are a small public library located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, about 20 miles away from downtown.

I wanted to share our AS Hanging Systems story and photos with you! Attached are some photos of the 3×3 bulletin board that we installed yesterday in the lobby of our library.

Boardless® Bulletin Board in busy lobby of community library.

Boardless® Bulletin Board uses acrylic pockets to create organized message board in public library.

We have been searching for solution to cluttered bulletin boards and chaotic displays, and we are so happy to have found this pocket display from AS Hanging Display Systems! This system is streamlined, simple, and modern, which is exactly what we needed! It’s an eye-catching way to show off the library’s programs and services to people as soon as they walk in the door, without the mess of standard bulletin boards.

Thank you!”

Thanks so much to the Bensenville Library for sharing their bulletin board pocket display application story with us.

To piggyback onto this letter, allow me to share a bit of “technical” info about the Boardless Bulletin Board and draw your attention to some of these points in the following photos.

Each bulletin board kit includes two silver satin Wall Tracks, 8.5″ x 11″ portrait orientation pockets, 10′ stainless cables, all mounting hardware and a cable cutter. You can choose from 13 standard kits with 3 – 24 pockets, or call for custom configurations. Options include a number of tracks, track colors, piers, pocket size and orientation.

Acrylic Pocket Display used as a Boardless® Bulletin Board.In this photo’s close-up of the acrylic pockets, you can see that each pocket has an opening at the top. Single sheets are easily slipped in and out of the pocket without causing any damage via holes, adhesives, or staples. Updates are quick and clean.

Boardless® Bulletin Board creates an orderly notice board.

The above image shows the pockets held in place by J-End Cables attached to Wall Track. Ideally, the track would continue to the end of the shelf and not terminate short, as it does here. This would allow for larger displays with uninterrupted track, should the need arise. But we think they did an admirable job.

Even more interesting to us was the way in which they used the cables. Normal use, and all of our documentation, would indicate they installed the cables upside down. When we inquired with them why this was done, they shared that they wanted the more refined cable ends, the ends with the J-End fitting, at the bottom and nearer to curious, young hands and fingers.

Well done. We have to compliment their team for thinking so creatively.

Acrylic Pocket Display fitted with Side Clamps fixed to a cable. This image offers an excellent view of how side clamps affix to the cable, at any point  along the cable, holding the acrylic pockets in place. In focus, you see the Cable Clamp, Double Sided shown. In this same image, near the top of the photo and slightly out of focus, the Cable Clamp, Single Sided is shown. This clamp is also visible in the prior image as well. These allow for a clean finish along either side of the pocket display system.

Pocket display systems used as a Boardless Bulletin Board are a perfect solution for library settings. But let’s not stop there. With virtually infinite flexibility of the size, shape, and quantity of pockets, these fittings can be used to solve many common visual communication challenges. Be sure to see how these cable systems also create restaurant menu displays, branding walls, and real estate window displays.

Have we missed mentioning a space where messages need to be conveyed in an orderly and presentable format? Where would a Boardless Bulletin Board work for you?

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

When you hang with AS Hanging Systems, you Hang with the Best®

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