Introducing Pro Side Clamps

We are very excited to introduce the newest members of our extensive hardware fittings product line – Pro Side Clamps. Pro Side Clamps are used to suspend rigid panels and display surfaces in a vertical orientation to create a hanging display system. Each of these clamps is compatible with any of our cables and cords. This results in a wall display that avoids direct fastening to the wall while allowing for endless resetting of the display itself. The main benefit then, in comparison to standoffs, is design flexibility, even in the future, without wall damage.

Real Estate Sales Office using Pro Side Clamps by AS Hanging Display Systems.Pro Side Clamps come in six varieties to accommodate all of your panel display needs. With so many features to consider, let’s clamp down on explaining each one clearly (sorry, I just couldn’t resist). The discussion categories are single vs. double-sided, sizes, functionality, and features.

Pro Side Clamp, Single-Sided and Double-Sided, by AS Hanging Display SystemsSingle-Sided vs. Double-Sided

Pro Side Clamp, Single-Sided is designed to hold a single panel with the panel slot on one end of the clamp while the cable runs through the slotted portion of the other end.

Panel end of Pro Side Clamp, Single-Sided, Medium with nylon-tipped set screw by AS Hanging Display Systems.The cable slot is cut into the end of the body to give a cleaner appearance to both sides of the body. This is particularly nice in double-sided displays, such as retail windows.

Pro Side Clamp, Single-Sided, Medium by AS Hanging Display Systems.These single-sided clamps can be implemented into a panel display system to create a single column vertical display, placing four clamps near the four corners of each panel.

Additionally, single-sided clamps can be used in a multi-column display in conjunction with the Pro Side Clamp, Double-Sided. In this scenario, the single-sided clamps would function as the “finishing” edges of the larger display, providing clean lines.

Illustration showing panel spacing with Pro Side Clamps by AS Hanging Display Systems.This illustration depicts the single-sided clamp on the left and the double-sided clamps on the right. For a more detailed investigation about this view and spacing for the panels and cables, please download this Design Bulletin.

Pro Side Clamp, Single-Sided, Large by AS Hanging Display SystemsYou’ll notice in the above image that the large Pro Side Clamp deploys two set screws to attach to the cable. This provides added strength. This image also shows the set screw inserted into the side clamp body on the end surface, where they are less noticeable.

Pro Side Clamp, Double-Sided maintains the same sleek design found in the single-sided clamps and is designed with one cable slot running through the center of the clamp while the panel slots extend to the sides.

Pro Side Clamp, Double-Sided, Medium with cable by AS Hanging Display Systems.Pro Side Clamp, Double-Sided, Medium, Set Screw Side by AS Hanging Display Systems.This double-sided clamp offers the ability to create a panel display with multiple vertical columns while minimizing the number of cables required.

Pro Side Clamp Sizes

We offer Pro Side Clamps in small, medium, and large. The size refers to the panel thickness for which each design is optimized.

Family of Double-Sided Pro Side Clamps, in three sizes, by AS Hanging Display Systems.The primary specifics to each size are:

Pro Side Clamp, Small:

  • Compatible with panels 1/32” to 5/32” (0.80-4.00mm) thick.
  • 20 pound (9Kg) weight capacity.

Pro Side Clamp, Medium:

  • Compatible with panels 1/32” to 1/4″” (0.80-7.00mm) thick.
  • 30 pound (13Kg) weight capacity.

Pro Side Clamp, Large:

  • Compatible with panels 1/32” to 3/8” (0.80 -10.00mm) thick.
  • 40 pound (18Kg) weight capacity.

When considering the weight capacity, be sure to note that our guidelines refer to the connection between a steel cable and the clamp. With all the variables in display panel substrate, we cannot anticipate the potential strength of the clamp/panel connection.

For additional detail about panel thickness compatibility, view our compatibility guide.

Also, another specific design adjustment made on the large size clamps is that they are asymmetrical. The panel slot is located “away from” the screw. This is by design.

Pro Side Clamp Features

Cross Section of double-sided Pro Side Clamp by AS Hanging Display Systems.

The above is an illustration that represents the cross-section view of a double-sided Pro Side Clamp. There are several nuanced details in this design. Let’s explore.

Our Pro Side Clamps are made from finely machined aluminum with a very finely brushed surface. Decor jewelry, as we like to think of them. Then these are finished in a proprietary clear anodized surface to maintain these attributes for years.

Additionally, each item in this line is machined with a bevel at each end of the body and a bevel, or chamfer, at the opening of each threaded hole. These little details make these fittings equal to the finest interior designs.

Unlike most every other cable clamp offered by other firms, Pro Side Clamps from AS Hanging Display Systems are designed with a radius at the bottom of the cable slot. This best supports the cable and minimizes cable deformation.

View of Pro Side Clamp displaying the radius cable slot bottom by AS Hanging Display Systems.To again lessen cable damage, a second feature is incorporated into the design. A flat tip set screw is used in the cable slot. This is very different from the more common cup-tipped set screws that are almost universally used in competing products. Our flat tip screw allows the user to strongly tighten against the cable without damaging or breaking individual cable strands.

Illustration of Pro Side Clamp with Flat Tip Set Screw by AS Hanging Display Systems.

Each panel slot is also supplied with two types of set screws for mounting display material into the side clamps. These are nylon tipped set screws and cone tipped set screws.

Pro Side Clamp, Set Screws, Allen Key by AS Hanging Display SystemsHowever, Pro Side Clamps are also supplied with Cone Tipped set screws. This is an exclusive to Pro Side Clamps from AS Hanging Display Systems.

More about how and when these screws are applied will follow below in the discussion on Functionality. A Design Bulletin that summarizes these design features, and the following functionality points, is available for download.

Lastly, all the supplied set screws are stainless steel. They will look equally professional well into the future. An Allen key is provided to adjust the set screws so these products are ready to install upon arrival.

Pro Side Clamp Functionality

The Pro Side Clamps offer three means of holding a panel in the clamp body. Most every competing product offers just one way to grasp a display panel.

The first clamping approach is with a set screw that is pre-assembled into the side clamp body. It is a nylon tip set screw, as mentioned above. This by itself is not common. The nylon tip set screw is valued for this application because it is much more kind in its impact to the panel being clamped. It is forgiving to the surface of rigid panels, such as our Acrylic Pockets, or panels made from Sintra, for example, which is very common in the signage market. It may even be used against glass. The below illustration shows a medium size Pro Side Clamp with a nylon set screw mounting a 3/16” thick panel.

Illustration of Pro Side Clamp with nylon tip set screw by AS Hanging Display Systems.The second approach is to use the also supplied cone tip set screw. This screw may be used as a surface clamp just as you would use the nylon tip screw. However, this is the opposite approach to a nylon tip, as the cone tip will easily dig into most substrate material. It is not kind. This small depression that will be caused by the cone tip entering the substrate will give it a “hold” of the substrate. This will make for a stronger grasp. But this approach should not be used with delicate substrates. We are not aware of another side clamp that comes equipped with cone tip set screws. Certainly NONE offer both screw types. The following illustration depicts a medium size Pro Side Clamp and cone tipped set screw holding a 1/8” thick panel.

Pro Side Clamp with cone tip set screw by AS Hanging Display Systems.The third panel attachment approach is to use the cone tip set screw with panels that are prepared with through holes. This requires extra panel preparation but will give a VERY secure grasp of the panel. You will notice that the Pro Side Clamp bodies are machined with a cavity to receive the cone tip screw-point. This is done to again maximize strength. With the screw tip seated in the cavity the screw will resist considerable lateral forces. While you may find other fittings with such a cavity, we have not seen this feature in another side clamp. This illustration shows a medium sized Pro Side Clamp and cone tipped set screw mounting a ¼” thick panel that has been prepared with a through hole.

Pro Side Clamp with cone tip set screw in cavity by AS Hanging Display Systems.When designing a panel display where rigid panels and display surfaces are suspended in a vertical orientation, Pro Side Clamps provide optimal flexibility without damage to walls. With three sizes available in both single and double-sided capability, and three application capabilities depending on which set screws you implement, your options surpass those available with standoffs and all other specialty fittings. Lastly, there is another downloadable document that will provide you additional detail about wall clearances when Pro Side Clamps are matched to various combinations of our tracks and cables.

What will your hanging panel display be representing? Which of our new Pro Side Clamps will work for your design?

To learn more about each of our six Pro Side Clamps, visit:

Pro Side Clamps, Single-Sided, Small

Pro Side Clamps, Single-Sided, Medium

Pro Side Clamps, Single-Sided, Large

Pro Side Clamps, Double-Sided, Small

Pro Side Clamps, Double-Sided, Medium

Pro Side Clamps, Double-Sided, Large

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.

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