Wall Trees for the Holidays

Honestly, the inspiration for this story comes from the Holiday 2015 issue of Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine. Please see the online version of the inspiring story. One of our team received this magazine at his home and the article titled “Branch Out” was the genesis for this DIY Christmas-themed wall tree. This was initially designed as a simple holiday decoration but after completion of the project it became obvious that this would also be the perfect solution for small space living or where a standing tree (real or artificial) would not be feasible.

Festive Ornamental Wall Tree by AS Hanging Display Systems

So, why rehash their idea here, you may ask? Well, like so many in the mainstream, the “how to hang” is an afterthought. How many holes do you want to put in your walls to accomplish these seasonal decorations, even if they are just pushpins, as in this application? Seasonal decorations are the perfect example of what we refer to as “transient displays”. Our hanging systems are the perfect solution for seasonal decorations such as these. So, we revisited their idea and implemented it with our approach to the hanging hardware.

This is a photo of a guest room prior to setting up this wall tree.

“Before” photo in our Wall Trees for the Holidays article by AS Hanging Display Systems.After the mirror, which simply leaned against the wall, and other items were set aside, we went to work. First we inserted two Twist-End Nylon cords into the Click Rail Track. (Some of you may not recognize it in this photo. The track is installed behind the crown molding at the top of the walls.) We purchased a small bundle of stained bamboo stems from a local craft supply store. From these, we determined the proportions of the tree. In this case we would need six branches. Small holes were drilled into the top branch. After the cords were threaded through the holes, they were supported by two AS Hanging Display Systems’ Mini Hooks, which were used like cable stops. They simply support the branch from below. These were used because they were available and at hand. If you were to purchase hardware for this purpose, we might suggest you use Cable Stops. However, as it turned out, the Mini Hook was very convenient for the next step.

Mini Hook by AS Hanging Display Systems provides cable stop and wire attachment point in Wall Tree.

Next, florist wire was twisted to create a loop, which could hang from the hook-end of the Mini Hook. Then the other five branches were cut to length and attached to the florist wire by a simple wrap, wrapping around the twig in three complete cycles and then over the top of the twig to the opposite side of the florist wire and down. This prevents the entire assembly from unraveling. There are probably countless ways of doing this.

DIY Christmas Wall Hanging by AS Hanging Display Systems

After the six branches were installed, we placed a small decorative item to act as a base of the Christmas tree. Also, this was a good time to trim the extra lengths of nylon cord that hung below the Mini Hooks.

DIY Christmas Wall Display with Santa Basket Base by AS Hanging Display Systems.Now, you are only limited by your imagination. We elected to carry the festive red from the chest of drawers (IKEA) immediately below the project. We added gold touches in the ornaments and bow to add a little pop to our Christmas decorations.

Don’t worry about seeing the hanging hardware at the top. The bow hides all.

Rustic Christmas Tree Wall Hanging by AS Hanging Display Systems.The Christmas decorations were hung directly from the twigs with decorator ornament hangers. The bow, ornaments, and hangers were all sourced at Home Depot, while the twigs, florist wire, and “base” came from Michael’s. Total project cost, this close to the holidays, less than $50. Not bad! And it’s all easily storable for next year.

DIY Holiday Wall Tree with ornaments by AS Hanging Display Systems.

Primitive Christmas Tree Wall Hanging by AS Hanging Display Systems.This is all done with only four pieces from AS Hanging – two pieces each of Twist-End Cord and Mini Hook. These were on location as the result of other hanging projects. Best yet, after the holidays, all of this can come down and the wall will be reset as before – with no damage to the wall, not even a pinhole.

That is the benefit of installing hanging system hardware widely. Once the track is installed, you will be able to use it in any number of ways.

DIY Christmas Tree Wall Hanging by AS Hanging Display Systems.Here is your challenge. Make something like this for a future holiday other than Christmas, or design a seasonal wall tree perhaps, and show us what you did. I know there are creative folks out there. Think Easter, Summer Solstice, Independence Day, an autumn-themed tree, Halloween. What do you got?

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