How to Fix (Straighten) Frame Tilt

(This is #5 in the “How To Optimize Hanging Systems” Series. This guide assumes the reader is already familiar with a separate guide titled “Application Guide, Optimize Hanging System – Manage “Face Forward”.)

Have you ever tried to hang a framed piece of art or lovely photo and, while the piece itself is wall-worthy, its presentation is less than appealing? It tilts or leans on the wall. Right or left, it doesn’t matter. It distracts from the visual. We’ve addressed this topic in an earlier post and feel it’s a subject worth touching upon again.

The Problem – Frame Tilts to Left or Right

Large frames, typically 24 inches or wider, require a very sensitive balance to remain level and straight while hanging. Sometimes it is impossible to balance the frame because the frame, or contents within the frame, is slightly different on the left or right. This will cause an out of balance condition.

Frame tilts left or right example by

Other times there is a hang point on the top “center” of the frame that is perhaps not exactly in the center of the frame.

Frame tilts from off-center hook example by

The Solution – Level a Tilted Frame with Two Cables/Rods

The rule of thumb is that when frames are 24 inches and wider, it is better to use two cables/rods to balance the frame. When two cables or rods are implemented, the problem is avoided. But this easy hack is not limited to larger frames. You may use it on smaller frames as well.

How to fix art or picture frame tilt with two cables by

Frame tilt stabilized with two cables by AS Hanging Display Systems.

No more do you have to look at your wall display and feel a bit “off kilter”. Now you know how to fix frame tilt. Simply switch from a single to a double cable/rod hanging system.

If you would like a printable pdf of these tips, you can download it at Application Guide: How to Eliminate Frame Tilt.

Where have you encountered frame tilt problems with your framed art or photography?

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