How to Hang Unframed Art

(This is #6 in the “How To Optimize Hanging Systems” Series. This guide assumes the reader is already familiar with a separate guide titled “Application Guide, Optimize Hanging System – Manage “Face Forward”.)

In our series, “How to Optimize Hanging Systems”, we’ve discussed topics including how to hang framed art, managing face forward of frames, when to use two cables for picture frame stabilization, tips for how to prevent art frames from a teeter-totter effect, and eliminating the dizzying visual distraction of unbalanced picture frame tilting.

In our final installation in this Application Guide series, we’re addressing one more frequently asked question: How do I hang unframed art, pictures, or panels? We have a number of solutions, so let’s get right to it.

The Problem (Myth) – Unframed Art Cannot Be Used with Hanging Systems

It is sometimes thought that unframed art cannot be used with hanging systems. This is not true. In most cases, flat art is very easily suspended from hanging systems.

The Solution – Specialty Hooks Enable Hanging Unframed Art

AS Hanging Display Systems has developed a robust series of hooks specially designed for art or panelized art and all sorts of boards. Let’s take a look at the choices:

Panel Hooks

Panel displayed with Panel Hooks by AS Hanging Display Systems.

Side view of Panel Hooks by AS Hanging Display Systems.

Panel Hooks are suitable for panels between 3/16” and 5/8” thick. There is no need for through-holes in the panels, and cables are hidden behind the panel as well. This product line comes in five variations for design flexibility.

Side Clamps

Unframed panel displayed with Side Clamps by

Rear view of Side Clamps on unframed panel substrate by

Side Clamps are suitable for panels up to 3/8” thick. These fittings come in three sizes. Panels may be mounted with through holes or via surface tension without holes. Visible cables compliment the overall engineered look of these finely machined parts. They come equipped with nylon tipped screws for delicate substrates.

Top Clamps

Top Clamps by AS Hanging Display Systems hang unframed panel substrate.

Front and side views of Top Clamps by AS Hanging Display Systems.

These fittings come in three sizes and are optimized for glass panels up to 3/8” think and where the glass panels are prepared with through holes but will work with most any panel substrate up to 1/2” thick via through-hole mounting. Cables used in conjunction with Top Clamps will terminate at the top of the displayed panel.

Cleated Panels

Rear view of unframed panel displayed using Utility Hook by

Utility Hook by AS Hanging Display Systems displays how to hang unframed art.

Side view of Utility Hook by

Panels prepared with a cleat on the rear side may be supported by use of the Utility Hook. Simply place the cleat over two hooks and adjust for height. The cables may terminate behind the panel or continue to a lower panel and/or be tensioned at a lower point (shown).

Depending on the application that best suits your needs, we have a solution with our art and picture hanging hardware to display your unframed art, art board, and flat or panelized art piece. Not only do all of these tips answer how to hang unframed art, but the information in this post, as well as our entire How to Optimize Hanging Systems series,  also provides damage-free hanging solutions for how to hang art without nails. These life hacks really work well.

If you would like a printable pdf of these tips, you can download it at Application Guide: How to Hang Unframed Art.

What problems have you encountered when attempting to display unframed art or photography?

This document is one of a series of documents that were created to help the reader optimize their framed art, and other wall objects, for display via a hanging system.

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