Product Introduction: Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables and Rods

Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Rods by AS Hanging Systems

Recently we shared a short and general product introduction post about several new products within our gallery rod hanging system product family. One of those new products was our Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Rods. Today, we’re going to delve more deeply into the subject of Counter-Weight Stabilizers, as well as introduce the sibling product, our Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables. Let me just begin by saying, “Don’t underestimate these little ‘mediators’ just because of their size and shape. They have an important job … Read more >

New Product Introduction – Rod-End Hanger

Rod End Hanger 200x130

Many of you may be aware of our ability to “tension” a cable. We have written about these sorts of applications on several occasions, here, here and here. We have a full segment of our web site dedicated to Tensioned Cable Systems. The concept is simple. Instead of merely suspending a cable from above, a second track is mounted below and the cable(s) are then attached to the lower track. Additionally, a spring action is employed to hold the cable … Read more >

New Products for Gallery Rod Hanging System

Post Main Thumbnail Wall Track End-Cap

We are pleased to announce that our Classic System of French gallery rods has expanded with three new products. Wall Track End-Cap The first is our Wall Track End-Cap. This is something we have wanted to offer for some time and we’re finally able to bring this to market. Rod-End Hanger The next new product is the Rod-End Hanger. It adds the ability of attaching a gallery rod to a lower track so the rod is fixed in location. Counter-Weight … Read more >

Acrylic Pocket Displays Create Perfect Real Estate Window Display Systems

Real Estate Store Window Display Using AS Hanging Systems Pocket Display System

It can be quite tedious setting up a clean and efficient visual merchandising system such as those needed in real estate offices. Following a few basic steps and implementing the right hanging hardware can provide simple solutions. We’ll show you how to create smart-looking and perfectly proportioned displays that also offer ease of frequent listing updates and changes. Acrylic Display Systems Our Pocket Display System uses standoffs (piers) or display rails to suspend acrylic pockets on a cable system to … Read more >

Quality Steel Cables

7x7 Cable 200 x 130

We have offered steel cables in a variety of lengths and configurations for many years. These are mostly stainless steel, while many combinations are also available in galvanized steel. The stainless steel versions are often referred to as “aircraft cable”.  Anyway, something came up recently that made us realize we offer very good quality cable for sale. Perhaps we were guilty of not adequately communicating that quality. In this blog entry we thought to remedy that shortfall, we would share … Read more >

Introducing Our Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger

Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger by AS Hanging Systems Mounted to Ceiling

This week we’re introducing a product I’ve been waiting for and wanting for a long time. I’m so excited that we’ve finally perfected this wall hanger. Our new Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger brings new decorating and display options to those areas of office spaces, home basements, and retail spaces where grid ceilings, also known as acoustic ceilings, suspended ceilings or drop ceilings, are installed. The Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger is designed to create a wall hanging system along the perimeter … Read more >

Introducing Short Fixed Piers


For years we’ve been offering Fixed Piers. Fixed piers are used as a point of attachment when a vertical cable is needed, creating a tensioned, or non-tensioned, floor-to-ceiling hanging display. Our original Fixed Piers were only available in a “long” configuration, just over 2 inches in length and 1 inch at the base. Listening to our customers’ feedback and requests, and finding additional ways in which a “short” fixed pier could be advantageous, we’ve designed our new Fixed Pier, Short. … Read more >

Introducing Our New Mini Hook

h3018-small 200x130

As you may know, we have offered a Mini Hook for some time. We’ve decided it was time to redesign the Mini Hook. Usually when there’s a product I’ve depended on for a long time, or have become familiar and comfortable with its features, I’m rather upset when the manufacturer decides a change is in order. Well, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite features, in this case. We’re keeping the two classic features that originally defined our … Read more >

Introducing Cable Tensioners

T-End Cable Tensioner by AS Hanging Systems

We are very excited to share with you one of our newest product lines – Cable Tensioners. This new line offers five configurations to be used with any of our four cable-compatible tracks. We’ve previously offered three versions of the Tensioning Spring, used in conjunction with these same systems.* How does a tensioned system work? An upper track is attached high on the wall or to the ceiling. A suitable cable is selected, appropriate to fit the upper track and … Read more >

Lightweight Hooks

Multi-Purpose Hook by AS Hanging Systems

We’re featuring our Lightweight Hooks this week, and we have three to share with you: the Multi-Purpose Hook, the Utility/Special Purpose Hook, and the Mini Hook. Each of these hooks is considered “lightweight” because it is tightened by a thumb-screw mechanism. They also share the ability to be used with either a steel cable or nylon cord. Where they differ is in their unique purposes and applications. Learn more about these hooks and how they can easily become part of … Read more >