New Museum-Style Art Hanging System Revealed at Kindale Public Library

Click Rail System 2,

We’re pleased to mention another happy customer has shared her enthusiasm for her local library’s new art display system via a story in her local newspaper. Judy Cantwell, a board of directors member of the Kindale Public Library in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada, needed a solution for how to hang art created by neighborhood students and local talent in the community. The art hanging system needed to accommodate a variety of artwork and crafts easily and efficiently. Click Rail System was the product of … Read more >

Pocket Display Systems are a Fabulous Idea pocket display 6

When the management team at the leading Bean Bag company, Comfort Research, decided to enroll the staff to constantly focus on improving the company, they came up with a real winner of an idea. Always looking to “Find a Better Way” (FAB), management put some money where the ideas are. They created a program that allows all employees to submit ideas. The ideas are reviewed by a team and, if an idea shows a likelihood to improve the company’s processes, … Read more >

AS Hanging Systems Creates Fantastic Branding Wall

Strata Decision Technology 200 x 130

We have witnessed, and previously reported on, customers using our Pocket Display System to create any number of interesting solutions, such as for display real estate listings and museums display walls. We have a new application success story to share with you. It comprises 175 pockets creating a display spanning more than 35 feet wide and over 8 feet tall. The client is Strata Decision Technology, a pioneer and industry leader of software solutions for financial and business support in the healthcare … Read more >

Irvine Company Branding Walls as Professional as Its Buildings

Irvine Co. Cover Image 200 x 130

First impressions are critical – especially in the business world. How you represent yourself says volumes about how you do business with others, right? Putting your best foot forward, so to speak, is the name of the game. So when we received these images of the marketing offices at the Irvine Company, a major property owner of Class A office buildings in Southern California, we were impressed. Class A office buildings are the highest quality office space in their markets … Read more >

PA Liquor Authority Hangs with AS Hanging Systems

ClickRailSystem47_PA-Liquor_02 200x130

Well, it’s finally happened! The authorities have come to get us. Is this a “Yikes”? Not at all! It just so happens that they really came to AS Hanging Systems because they want to hang out, err, hang in, with us. Yep, you heard me right. They’ve decided we’re the only ones worth hanging. Wait, that didn’t come out right? Anyway, they want us to hang in their state run liquor stores. Phew! You can see in the picture below … Read more >

Decorative Shelf Pretties Up Casso Display Rail

Cover 200 x 130

In the past, we’ve shared stories from one of our more advanced users showing his creativity in creating a magazine rack and mounting Click Rail Track behind crown molding. We love these application stories and hope they’ve inspired creativity for your projects. Well, he’s recently shared yet more evidence of his ingenuity and flair for style – and we just had to share it with you. Look at this beautiful shelf made of decorative molding, the same molding used in the … Read more >

THINK Technology Museum Hangs with the Best

Think cover 200x130

Sophia Loren, in describing the ideal design of a woman’s dress, could have been describing the ideal hanging system when she declared, “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” Museums offer insights into multi-faceted cultures, history, and special interests and subject matter of all types. Presenting materials in their purest form, without hindering, obstructing, or distracting the view is very important to the exhibit curator and visitor alike. This technology … Read more >

Got to Have Brass Ones to Hang Glass Ones

CLN_1224 200x130

… Hang Delicate Glass Balls – We’re Up to the Challenge Wow, we never cease to be amazed at the clever and creative ways in which our customers implement our interior fittings. In this week’s Customer’s Corner story, Ceiling Track and J-End Cables are used to design an inconspicuous hanging apparatus, allowing these beautifully hand-blown globes to be suspended mid-air, allowing the globes to speak for themselves. Here’s what this customer had to say about their approach … “AS Hanging … Read more >

Well Hung Magazine Rack for the Well Read

Mag Rack Thumbnail

Well, he did it again. One of our more advanced users designed something really special with our products. Something we never thought of before – a magazine rack. We have designed bulletin boards, easels, and a menu display system with our widgets and interior fittings. One of our customers came up with the idea for a coat rack. But this might be the best yet. Check it out. He set it up with two lengths of Click Rail Track, and … Read more >