How to Create an Organized Bulletin Board

Boardless® Bulletin Board from AS Hanging Systems.

Fitness clubs, libraries, civic centers, and church centers all have one thing in common: the need to address multiple special interest groups. Typically this is accomplished via a notifications center or message board. The most standard approach for posting notifications in these areas is on a bulletin board. Bulletin Board Snafus You know what these message boards end up looking like, right? Too many sheets of paper, placed in random arrangement, not much rhyme or reason to the approach – just … Read more >

Acrylic Pockets Create Perfect Restaurant Menu Displays

Bistro Menu Display by AS Hanging Systems.

Show off what you offer in a clean and presentable manner – that’s what it’s really all about, right … especially in the restaurant business? You want to let your customers, potential customers, even the casual undecided passers-by, see the delicious choices you’ve got. Entice and bring them through that front door. This is usually accomplished by displaying your menu in a window display or menu case of your establishment. Create an inviting and professional presentation of your menu, daily … Read more >

How to Hang Children’s Art

Casso Display Rail 3,

Because of this blog and my involvement with it, I frequently perform web searches on all sorts of topics related to hanging all sorts of things. In a recent search, art display rods, I came across a host of photos that revealed to me what can only be viewed as “trending”. Here are a few examples. Hey, these are cute. They are certainly creative. But if you’re going out and buying hardware to hang children’s art, why not set yourself … Read more >

How to Hang Art in Earthquake Zones

Cover Image 200 x 130 Earthquake

by Dave Veilleux, VP Business Development – As someone who grew up in an earthquake zone in southern California, I have personal first hand experience with shake, rattle, and roll of Mother Nature’s occasional convulsing. Besides a multitude of less memorable shakers, I have experienced the following significant quakes: 1971 6.6 (Richter Scale) San Fernando/Sylmar quake 1987 5.9 Whittier Narrows quake 1991 5.6 Sierra Madre quake 1994 6.7 Northridge quake The challenge has been presented to our Call Center many times, … Read more >

How to Hang Art on Brick Walls

Cafe Brick 200 x 130

Maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of brick walls, such as those often but not exclusively found in historic architecture, can pose challenges when it comes to hanging art or signage. With a mounting surface of brick, as opposed to drywall, it is nearly impossible to fill, patch, or repair nail hole damage once it has occurred. Over time, the results of repeatedly hanging and repositioning objects on brick walls create an unsightly “Swiss cheese” effect. Here’s a classic example: … Read more >

Tips and Ideas for Hanging Pictures and Gallery Wall Layouts

Artwall example 200x130

by Dave Veilleux, VP Business Development – Creating a picture wall or art display wall is a stylish way to add personality to a home. When done correctly, the results are timeless. This type of display holds up over time, and you will find yourself satisfied with your picture wall for years to come. Better yet, with the techniques we will reveal to you in this article, you will find you can make changes to the layout and design at … Read more >

How to Hang Plates on a Wall

Plate Cover Image 200 x 130

Opa!! Don’t Break that Plate! We have recently published several articles to give insights into using our display fittings to hang various 3-dimensional objects: Gotta Have Brass Ones to Hang Glass Ones and How to Hang 3D Wall Art. Today we thought we would continue that trend with a discussion on hanging plates and ceramic art. The largest challenge to hanging art plates, collectable plates, and vintage tableware is that these items do not have attachment points, as does a typical … Read more >

How to Hang 3D Wall Art

Climbing Man Sculpture by Ancizar Marin

In our most recent post, we shared how one of our customers chose to hang hand-blown glass balls, creating a 3-D art display, using our Ceiling Track and P-End cables. Today, we’re excited to show you how integral our hanging system can be in showing off another style of three dimensional art. These sculptures are anything-but typically hung flat art. Check out how this clever resin “climbing man”, nicknamed “Goal Achiever” by sculptor Ancizar Marin, scales the wall using his … Read more >

When or Why To Use 2 Cables or Rods?

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There are different factors worth considering when deciding whether to use 1 or 2 cable(s)/rod(s) to hang your items. Weight is a Factor First of all, you might want to consider the weight of the items that will hang on the cable(s)/rod(s). A pair of cable(s)/rod(s) would be able to support twice as much weight as a single one. For example, a pair of Stainless Steel Cables (which can each support 45 pounds) would be able to support a total … Read more >