How to Manage Face Forward in Framed Art

Face Forward Frame Tilt counter weight stabilizer, rear view, 2,

(This is #2 in the “How To Optimize Hanging Systems” Series.) Hanging framed art seems straightforward enough, right? A photograph or art piece, a custom or ready made frame, a nail & hammer. Err … well, scratch the nail and hammer. The Problem – Frame Hangs Face Forward Frames are traditionally prepared with a “hang wire” on the rear. It is typically mounted to the side rails of frames about 1/3 down from the top of the frame. Also, this … Read more >

How to Create a 3D Art Display

3 Dimensional Art Display in Library Media Center.

Last week we shared a Customer’s Corner “How To…” post showcasing one library’s approach on how to create a Boardless® Bulletin Board. To continue the library theme, this week’s post explores how to create a 3D art display, which has been very cleverly designed using our Tensioned Cable System. I absolutely love the playfulness in this art exhibit. The Boucherville Library, located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada worked in conjunction with the Quebec Province Department of Education to create an interactive media … Read more >

How to Hang 3D Wall Art

Climbing Man Sculpture by Ancizar Marin

In our most recent post, we shared how one of our customers chose to hang hand-blown glass balls, creating a 3-D art display, using our Ceiling Track and P-End cables. Today, we’re excited to show you how integral our hanging system can be in showing off another style of three dimensional art. These sculptures are anything-but typically hung flat art. Check out how this clever resin “climbing man”, nicknamed “Goal Achiever” by sculptor Ancizar Marin, scales the wall using his … Read more >

Inexpensive Youth Art Displays


This entry is the result of a question that came to us via our Customer Service Call Center. A prospective customer asked about using Casso® Display Rail with mated or mounted prints. How thick of a board will Casso Rail support? The answer is that Casso Rail is compatible with materials up to 2mm thick, a little more than 1/16 inch. This is a great idea that we want to share with you. Our Casso art display rail is wonderful … Read more >