Inspirational Office Displays

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5 Inspiring Wall Display Ideas for your Office Considering we spend a third of our lives at our workplace, it’s no wonder our physical environment has an effect on our work performance! From the office layout, the lighting, the color schemes, to the artwork on the walls, all of these elements play a huge part in our overall mood and productivity. In order to make your office a better place to be, let’s look at some creative ways you could … Read more >

AS Hanging Systems Made Sure Roberts Creek Art and Design Wasn’t Hung Out to Dry!


We love hearing successful stories from satisfied customers. We recently received this story from a customer sharing his positive experience with AS Hanging Systems in the midst of a “crunch” time situation. “We were recently in the Roberts Creek Art and Design Festival featuring our bike trailers as well as Kez’s ceramic wall installations. We needed to make a display wall that solved several problems. During a very busy schedule we managed to build a portable wall over three weeks. … Read more >

Difficult Walls, Part 3: Protecting Specialty Finishes


If you’ve been following our series, Difficult Walls, welcome back to the third, and final, entry, “Difficult Walls, Part 3: Protecting Specialty Finishes”, of this three-part series. Here, we are focusing on walls with an out-of-the-ordinary finish, i.e. expensive wood paneling, designer wallpaper, or perhaps custom, or faux, painted walls. Damage by nail holes, or other hanging devices, to these types of surfaces may result in impossible, or extremely costly, repairs. Here, we show how others have used our products … Read more >

Easy way to Hang Unframed Panels


It is common to think of hanging systems as a way to hang framed art on a wall, but when you need to create art displays by hanging other items such as foam core, thin wood panels, or other materials, it can be quite challenging. To help you meet these challenges, allow flexibility in your design concept, and effectively manage your space limitations, we suggest using Utility Hooks in combination with AS Hanging’s Tensioned Cable System. This display design uses … Read more >