How to Optimize Picture Hanging with Two Cables

2 Cable Attachment Points Frame by AS Hanging Display Systems

(This is #3 in the “How To Optimize Hanging Systems” Series. This guide assumes the reader is already familiar with a separate guide titled “Application Guide, Optimize Hanging System – Manage “Face Forward”, #2 in the series). Since most of the population is familiar and experienced with hanging a frame from the hang wire on the rear of a frame, it is natural for us to do the same when hanging a framed art piece from a hanging system. However, that … Read more >

Lowe’s Creativity – Our Wall Hangers, Part 2

Lowe's Wood Block Wall Project, photo by Cameron Sadeghpour

Recently we posted an article, Lowe’s Creativity – Our Wall Hangers, sharing a creative wall decorating idea using horizontal wall planks and aluminum channels. One of our readers contacted us a few days after that article was published asking how we would implement our hanging systems in conjunction with another project idea from that same Lowe’s Home Improvement article. We thought, instead of just responding to this inquiry, we’d share our solution with you. So after working through a few … Read more >