How To Hang Art on a Stone or Brick Fireplace

Stone Fireplace Ceiling Track Art Hanging System

Recently we had a homeowner inquire with us as to how to hang an art display on a stone fireplace. This person has a beautiful stone fireplace in his home (as you’ll soon see in the photos below) that he didn’t want to mar by putting holes into either the stone or the grout work. We love it when these questions are brought to our attention so we can share our solutions. We’ll begin by showing you the “before” and … Read more >

How to Hang Art on Brick Walls

Cafe Brick 200 x 130

Maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of brick walls, such as those often but not exclusively found in historic architecture, can pose challenges when it comes to hanging art or signage. With a mounting surface of brick, as opposed to drywall, it is nearly impossible to fill, patch, or repair nail hole damage once it has occurred. Over time, the results of repeatedly hanging and repositioning objects on brick walls create an unsightly “Swiss cheese” effect. Here’s a classic example: … Read more >

Tips About Wall Hangings in Lofts and Open Spaces


The open layout of a loft offers many unique decorating opportunities but, with so much openness and so few walls, you may encounter some aesthetic challenges when trying to put up your wall hangings. Here we’ll look at some useful tips for enhancing the look of your loft and making sure the things you display on your wall don’t give you trouble. Challenge 1: Ceiling Height One of the distinctive features about lofts is the tall majestic ceilings. When you … Read more >

Difficult Walls, Part 2: Masonry and Glass Walls


In this second entry of our three-part series, Difficult Walls, we address the challenge of hanging art, photos, or objects on walls made of masonry or glass. Our first photo shows an example of how we’ve solved the dilemma of creating displays on masonry walls, while it also re-emphasizes the point made in our first post regarding curved walls as well. Using our Contempo® System in the suspended format, a track is applied to the masonry wall using suitable fasteners. … Read more >