How to Optimize Picture Hanging with Two Cables

2 Cable Attachment Points Frame by AS Hanging Display Systems

(This is #3 in the “How To Optimize Hanging Systems” Series. This guide assumes the reader is already familiar with a separate guide titled “Application Guide, Optimize Hanging System – Manage “Face Forward”, #2 in the series). Since most of the population is familiar and experienced with hanging a frame from the hang wire on the rear of a frame, it is natural for us to do the same when hanging a framed art piece from a hanging system. However, that … Read more >

Got to Have Brass Ones to Hang Glass Ones

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… Hang Delicate Glass Balls – We’re Up to the Challenge Wow, we never cease to be amazed at the clever and creative ways in which our customers implement our interior fittings. In this week’s Customer’s Corner story, Ceiling Track and J-End Cables are used to design an inconspicuous hanging apparatus, allowing these beautifully hand-blown globes to be suspended mid-air, allowing the globes to speak for themselves. Here’s what this customer had to say about their approach … “AS Hanging … Read more >

When or Why To Use 2 Cables or Rods?

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There are different factors worth considering when deciding whether to use 1 or 2 cable(s)/rod(s) to hang your items. Weight is a Factor First of all, you might want to consider the weight of the items that will hang on the cable(s)/rod(s). A pair of cable(s)/rod(s) would be able to support twice as much weight as a single one. For example, a pair of Stainless Steel Cables (which can each support 45 pounds) would be able to support a total … Read more >

BYU Uses Contempo System on Their Curved Wall Staircase

Contempo® System by AS Hanging Display Systems

When the Library Exhibits Manager of Brigham Young University, Provo Campus, needed to come up with a hanging solution for presenting exhibits in the Joseph F. Smith Building, he was faced with a few challenges … creating a display along a stairway with curved walls and implementing a system that could be changed easily when needed.  “These exhibits change often. That round stairway winds up three floors and is centered on an oculus skylight above … it’s stunning!” says the … Read more >

Introducing Cable Tensioners

T-End Cable Tensioner by AS Hanging Systems

We are very excited to share with you one of our newest product lines – Cable Tensioners. This new line offers five configurations to be used with any of our four cable-compatible tracks. We’ve previously offered three versions of the Tensioning Spring, used in conjunction with these same systems.* How does a tensioned system work? An upper track is attached high on the wall or to the ceiling. A suitable cable is selected, appropriate to fit the upper track and … Read more >

Lightweight Hooks

Multi-Purpose Hook by AS Hanging Systems

We’re featuring our Lightweight Hooks this week, and we have three to share with you: the Multi-Purpose Hook, the Utility/Special Purpose Hook, and the Mini Hook. Each of these hooks is considered “lightweight” because it is tightened by a thumb-screw mechanism. They also share the ability to be used with either a steel cable or nylon cord. Where they differ is in their unique purposes and applications. Learn more about these hooks and how they can easily become part of … Read more >