Introducing Short Fixed Piers


For years we’ve been offering Fixed Piers. Fixed piers are used as a point of attachment when a vertical cable is needed, creating a tensioned, or non-tensioned, floor-to-ceiling hanging display. Our original Fixed Piers were only available in a “long” configuration, just over 2 inches in length and 1 inch at the base. Listening to our customers’ feedback and requests, and finding additional ways in which a “short” fixed pier could be advantageous, we’ve designed our new Fixed Pier, Short. … Read more >

Introducing Cable Tensioners

T-End Cable Tensioner by AS Hanging Systems

We are very excited to share with you one of our newest product lines – Cable Tensioners. This new line offers five configurations to be used with any of our four cable-compatible tracks. We’ve previously offered three versions of the Tensioning Spring, used in conjunction with these same systems.* How does a tensioned system work? An upper track is attached high on the wall or to the ceiling. A suitable cable is selected, appropriate to fit the upper track and … Read more >

When is it Appropriate to Use Stand-Off Systems (Point-Point Piers) in a Display?


Point-to-Point Piers, also referred to as Stand-Offs, have a unique application and result in a very different appearance than a hanging system created using a track system, a suspended look, if you will. It is a very popular look and yields a highly engineered appearance. In this post we will share with you the pros and cons of implementing a pier-based system, which is a variation of the tensioned cable system. Let’s start with the “cons”. Really, there is only … Read more >