The Footprintless® Easel Takes No Stand

Footprintless Easel by AS Hanging Systems

Standard Display and Presentation Easels Don’t Stand a Chance. Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to make a presentation and instead of your easel working as your partner, it becomes the center of attention? You need your presentation to be about the “what”, not the “how”. You know what I mean, right? The clumsiness of the easel. Standard office easels are typically tripod-shaped with three legs that use up a large chunk of floor space. Now add a meeting table, … Read more >

An Easel without Legs: The Footprintless® Easel

Footprintless Easel by

Easel without Legs – That is exactly right. Our company offers the Footprintless Easel. It corrects the main flaws of traditional easels. It… Occupies no floor space Never has to be stored in a closet Never gets misplaced You can’t trip on it It expands and contracts as needed Let’s take these points a “step” farther … The Footprintless Easel is suspended by cables, and mounted to a wall. Without the legs of a traditional standing easel, there is no … Read more >