Well Hung Magazine Rack for the Well Read

Mag Rack Thumbnail

Well, he did it again. One of our more advanced users designed something really special with our products. Something we never thought of before – a magazine rack. We have designed bulletin boards, easels, and a menu display system with our widgets and interior fittings. One of our customers came up with the idea for a coat rack. But this might be the best yet. Check it out. He set it up with two lengths of Click Rail Track, and … Read more >

Introducing Short Fixed Piers


For years we’ve been offering Fixed Piers. Fixed piers are used as a point of attachment when a vertical cable is needed, creating a tensioned, or non-tensioned, floor-to-ceiling hanging display. Our original Fixed Piers were only available in a “long” configuration, just over 2 inches in length and 1 inch at the base. Listening to our customers’ feedback and requests, and finding additional ways in which a “short” fixed pier could be advantageous, we’ve designed our new Fixed Pier, Short. … Read more >

When is it Appropriate to Use Stand-Off Systems (Point-Point Piers) in a Display?


Point-to-Point Piers, also referred to as Stand-Offs, have a unique application and result in a very different appearance than a hanging system created using a track system, a suspended look, if you will. It is a very popular look and yields a highly engineered appearance. In this post we will share with you the pros and cons of implementing a pier-based system, which is a variation of the tensioned cable system. Let’s start with the “cons”. Really, there is only … Read more >