Lowe’s Creativity – Our Wall Hangers, Part 2

Lowe's Wood Block Wall Project, photo by Cameron Sadeghpour

Recently we posted an article, Lowe’s Creativity – Our Wall Hangers, sharing a creative wall decorating idea using horizontal wall planks and aluminum channels. One of our readers contacted us a few days after that article was published asking how we would implement our hanging systems in conjunction with another project idea from that same Lowe’s Home Improvement article. We thought, instead of just responding to this inquiry, we’d share our solution with you. So after working through a few … Read more >

Keep Your Art or Hanging Display In Place Using Secure Hanging Hooks

Secure Self-Gripping Hook by ashanging.com

Last week we shared with you our post, Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings, discussing the use of heavy-duty hooks. This week we’re continuing with this topic, but we’re expanding on the “strongest hooks” theme and will discuss similarly strong hooks with an added feature … security. Our Secure Self-Gripping Hook and our Anti-Theft Secure Hook are designed to provide a secure hanging hook system. These two hooks have the same weight supporting capacity as their siblings, the Self-Gripping … Read more >

Patterson Library Grand Re-Opening Spotlights Students’ Art


Do you have special art you’d like to show off but not sure of the best approach? Here’s an email we recently received sharing how the newly re-designed Patterson Library (Patterson, New York) exhibits art created by students, as well as showcasing theatrical events, of the local high schools. What a great way to build community and students’ self esteem at the same time. Dear AS Hanging Systems, We love our new hanging system! Patterson Library in Patterson, New York, … Read more >

Cityline Brings AS Hanging Systems Into Your Home or Office


We’re so proud and excited to share that CityTV’s Cityline has featured AS Hanging Systems in a recent TV segment. Cityline is the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in Canadian history. The show originates in Toronto and airs at 9 a.m. ET/PT on weekday mornings. The show is hosted by the energetic and beautiful Tracy Moore. In this segment, “Display Your Art with Minimal Damage,” Kimberely Seldon, CityTV’s Cityline guest design expert, demonstrates how using our … Read more >

Determining Safe Weight Limits for Hanging Art or Large Photos


Knowing the correct weight capacity of your hanging system is critical to creating a proper design, but also to ensuring that your beautiful display will remain beautiful where you place it. In this photo, four popular tracks are shown. From left to right they are referred to as “Wall Track”, “Ceiling Track”, Click Rail Track, and Contempo Track. There is a sizeable difference between the rated weight capacity of each of these tracks. This open-face wall track will support 300 … Read more >