New Product Introduction: Wall Track End-Cap … Completing “the Look”!

WT End Cap IMG_4234 200x130

You know how great it feels when you’ve finished a project that you’re really excited about and proud of, and you put that last little finishing touch on it that ultimately completes all the hard work? Like when you were growing up and you’d written a school paper and put it in one of those plastic report covers to make it look finished and keep your hard work protected? Or when you washed your first new car and went that … Read more >

Quality Steel Cables

7x7 Cable 200 x 130

We have offered steel cables in a variety of lengths and configurations for many years. These are mostly stainless steel, while many combinations are also available in galvanized steel. The stainless steel versions are often referred to as “aircraft cable”.  Anyway, something came up recently that made us realize we offer very good quality cable for sale. Perhaps we were guilty of not adequately communicating that quality. In this blog entry we thought to remedy that shortfall, we would share … Read more >

With Our Hanging Systems … It’s In The Bag!

Interchangeable Retail Display Using Self-Gripping Hooks by AS Hanging Systems

Our customers keep sharing their novel and successful approaches to creating retail merchandise displays using our tracks and hanging hardware. We love it when you guys share with us your success stories! Here’s another dynamic approach, using our Wall Track, J-End-cable, and Self-Gripping Hook, executed by a quaint Hermosa Beach, CA apparel company. Read their story … “We, an apparel company based in Hermosa Beach, CA, faced a challenge when we moved in to a new warehouse and decided to … Read more >

Introducing Short Fixed Piers


For years we’ve been offering Fixed Piers. Fixed piers are used as a point of attachment when a vertical cable is needed, creating a tensioned, or non-tensioned, floor-to-ceiling hanging display. Our original Fixed Piers were only available in a “long” configuration, just over 2 inches in length and 1 inch at the base. Listening to our customers’ feedback and requests, and finding additional ways in which a “short” fixed pier could be advantageous, we’ve designed our new Fixed Pier, Short. … Read more >

Introducing Our New Mini Hook

h3018-small 200x130

As you may know, we have offered a Mini Hook for some time. We’ve decided it was time to redesign the Mini Hook. Usually when there’s a product I’ve depended on for a long time, or have become familiar and comfortable with its features, I’m rather upset when the manufacturer decides a change is in order. Well, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite features, in this case. We’re keeping the two classic features that originally defined our … Read more >

Win a Picture Hanging System in our Giveaway!

It is so easy to enter! … “Like” our Facebook page and sign up below for a chance to win! When you hang with AS Hanging Systems, You Hang with the Best® Prize A complete picture hanging system including two (2) Click Rail System, 12 ft. Kit (part# W4212) including expedited shipping. A prize value of over $250! Like Facebook page here: Register giveaway here: Closing date: December 21, 2012 at 00:00 Eligibility: Canadian & US residents, 18 years and older Click Rail System Image Gallery … Read more >

Specialty Hooks – Using Aluminum Frame Hooks


In a previous post about specialty hooks, we’ve shared with you one of the benefits of the Utility Hook. Another specialty hook that is worth investigating is the Aluminum Frame Hook. This photo shows the Aluminum Frame Hook installed in this manner. They are installed in pairs, one for each side of the frame. Also note that a cable stop has been added just below the hook to provide anti-theft capability. These hooks are used in pairs, one in each … Read more >

Determining Safe Weight Limits for Hanging Art or Large Photos


Knowing the correct weight capacity of your hanging system is critical to creating a proper design, but also to ensuring that your beautiful display will remain beautiful where you place it. In this photo, four popular tracks are shown. From left to right they are referred to as “Wall Track”, “Ceiling Track”, Click Rail Track, and Contempo Track. There is a sizeable difference between the rated weight capacity of each of these tracks. This open-face wall track will support 300 … Read more >

Using Frame Stabilizers to Create a Professional Wall Display


We would like to introduce you to one of our specialty fittings – Frame Stabilizer. Stabilizers correct two common challenging situations: Where the top of a frame hangs away from the wall Where a frame teeter-totters on a lower corner of the frame.   A Frame Stabilizer becomes a useful tool when the top of a frame hangs away from the wall, and the bottom of the frame tilts inward towards the wall. This is caused by the way in … Read more >