Specialty Hooks – Using Aluminum Frame Hooks


In a previous post about specialty hooks, we’ve shared with you one of the benefits of the Utility Hook. Another specialty hook that is worth investigating is the Aluminum Frame Hook. This photo shows the Aluminum Frame Hook installed in this manner. They are installed in pairs, one for each side of the frame. Also note that a cable stop has been added just below the hook to provide anti-theft capability. These hooks are used in pairs, one in each … Read more >

How to Use a Hanging System to Display Plaques or Awards


Perhaps you own a laminated photo. Or maybe graduation plaques from your child’s school? Or recent awards from your business success. On the back side of many of them, you find a common keyhole slot. Has this left you contemplating how to hang a picture or plaque when one of these slots is present? I remember the first time I saw this very odd shape and I really wondered why … Years later when I learned the correct wall installation … Read more >