New Product Introduction – Rod-End Hanger

Rod End Hanger 200x130

Many of you may be aware of our ability to “tension” a cable. We have written about these sorts of applications on several occasions, here, here and here. We have a full segment of our web site dedicated to Tensioned Cable Systems. The concept is simple. Instead of merely suspending a cable from above, a second track is mounted below and the cable(s) are then attached to the lower track. Additionally, a spring action is employed to hold the cable … Read more >

Cables vs. Rods: What’s the Best Choice for My Hanging Project?


In our most recent post we discussed how to determine the proper track selection for weight limits involved in a hanging application. This brings us to another important factor applicable and related to track selection, cables vs. rods. So how does one decide which hanging application is right for the job? Here are some factors that can help in the decision-making process. We’ll do a “cables vs. rods” approach … Cables are far more popular than rods in all but … Read more >