Introducing Short Fixed Piers


For years we’ve been offering Fixed Piers. Fixed piers are used as a point of attachment when a vertical cable is needed, creating a tensioned, or non-tensioned, floor-to-ceiling hanging display. Our original Fixed Piers were only available in a “long” configuration, just over 2 inches in length and 1 inch at the base. Listening to our customers’ feedback and requests, and finding additional ways in which a “short” fixed pier could be advantageous, we’ve designed our new Fixed Pier, Short. … Read more >

Introducing Our New Mini Hook

h3018-small 200x130

As you may know, we have offered a Mini Hook for some time. We’ve decided it was time to redesign the Mini Hook. Usually when there’s a product I’ve depended on for a long time, or have become familiar and comfortable with its features, I’m rather upset when the manufacturer decides a change is in order. Well, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite features, in this case. We’re keeping the two classic features that originally defined our … Read more >

Contempo® System Brings Classy Design Solutions to Front Office Makeover


We love receiving stories of your successful hanging projects using AS Hanging Systems’ architectural hardware. Here is one we’ve recently received from Architects West, Inc. This week we installed the AS Hanging Systems Contempo® Series in the front entry of our corporate office. The transformation of the space has been remarkable!! For the last 4 years we have had a piece of art hung in celebration of our 35th anniversary. It was outdated, with employees who no longer worked for … Read more >

Track Selection to Properly Fit Your Project


When you realize that a hanging system track is likely to survive the life of the building in which it is installed, track selection is worthy of a little extra consideration. A review of various attributes can ensure versatile functionality for years to come, and ultimate satisfaction. Let’s review the four main factors related to hanging system track selection. The four primary factors to consider: 1. Discreet 2. Strength 3. Convenience 4. Versatility The primary attribute that affects the relative … Read more >