Tips and Ideas for Hanging Pictures and Gallery Wall Layouts

Artwall example 200x130

by Dave Veilleux, VP Business Development – Creating a picture wall or art display wall is a stylish way to add personality to a home. When done correctly, the results are timeless. This type of display holds up over time, and you will find yourself satisfied with your picture wall for years to come. Better yet, with the techniques we will reveal to you in this article, you will find you can make changes to the layout and design at … Read more >

How to Hang a Picture Grouping and Create Design Freedom


There are many obvious benefits of using a hanging system, but perhaps the least obvious benefit is in the freedom of design that hanging systems bring to the interior space in which they are used. This is a benefit that is rarely appreciated except through the actual experience of use. Whether the space is residential or commercial, change happens. When furniture is moved, it typically affects wall object placement as well. We’ve all seen situations where telltale signs and residual … Read more >