Irvine Company Branding Walls as Professional as Its Buildings

Irvine Co. Cover Image 200 x 130

First impressions are critical – especially in the business world. How you represent yourself says volumes about how you do business with others, right? Putting your best foot forward, so to speak, is the name of the game. So when we received these images of the marketing offices at the Irvine Company, a major property owner of Class A office buildings in Southern California, we were impressed. Class A office buildings are the highest quality office space in their markets … Read more >

How to Hang Panel Substrate

Cable System by AS Hanging Systems

Substrate panels are ever growing in popularity and used for so many exciting applications such as corporate branding, marketing and sales messaging, team building, product introductions, signage, transient municipal displays … displays of all types. They are becoming very popular in the art community as well, where instead of art on canvas, art is produced and shown on art panels. And why not? There are so many choices of substrates, both familiar and traditional, and new, sexy, green and high … Read more >