How to Create a 3D Art Display

3 Dimensional Art Display in Library Media Center.

Last week we shared a Customer’s Corner “How To…” post showcasing one library’s approach on how to create a Boardless® Bulletin Board. To continue the library theme, this week’s post explores how to create a 3D art display, which has been very cleverly designed using our Tensioned Cable System. I absolutely love the playfulness in this art exhibit. The Boucherville Library, located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada worked in conjunction with the Quebec Province Department of Education to create an interactive media … Read more >

Library Pocket Display System Creates Boardless® Bulletin Board

Boardless® Bulletin Board creates a perfect display.

What do you use when you have a visual message, or many messages, to post for public consumption? Answer: a bulletin board. But while you need the flexibility to change these messages frequently you also need to maintain visual order. Now the answer is not so certain. Add the extra challenge of placing the visual display in a high traffic and very public space, meaning sharps such as thumbtacks and pushpins should be avoided, and now a common bulletin board … Read more >

Pocket Display Systems are a Fabulous Idea pocket display 6

When the management team at the leading Bean Bag company, Comfort Research, decided to enroll the staff to constantly focus on improving the company, they came up with a real winner of an idea. Always looking to “Find a Better Way” (FAB), management put some money where the ideas are. They created a program that allows all employees to submit ideas. The ideas are reviewed by a team and, if an idea shows a likelihood to improve the company’s processes, … Read more >

Brigham Young University Displays Civil War Exhibit While Preserving Documents

Brigham Young University Voices of the Civil War Exhibit Using Pocket Display System by AS Hanging Systems, photo 3, 200x130

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a post on how the Brigham Young University, Provo Library Exhibits Manager used our Contempo System to create an art exhibit on a curved stairwell. This turned out to be the perfect solution for that particular application. The photos really told the story well and we appreciate him sharing his experiences with us. Well, he’s been at it again! This time he’s been busy designing an historical exhibit, Voices of the Civil War: … Read more >