AS Hanging Systems Creates Fantastic Branding Wall

Strata Decision Technology 200 x 130

We have witnessed, and previously reported on, customers using our Pocket Display System to create any number of interesting solutions, such as for display real estate listings and museums display walls. We have a new application success story to share with you. It comprises 175 pockets creating a display spanning more than 35 feet wide and over 8 feet tall. The client is Strata Decision Technology, a pioneer and industry leader of software solutions for financial and business support in the healthcare … Read more >

Acrylic Pocket Displays Create Perfect Real Estate Window Display Systems

Real Estate Store Window Display Using AS Hanging Systems Pocket Display System

It can be quite tedious setting up a clean and efficient visual merchandising system such as those needed in real estate offices. Following a few basic steps and implementing the right hanging hardware can provide simple solutions. We’ll show you how to create smart-looking and perfectly proportioned displays that also offer ease of frequent listing updates and changes. Acrylic Display Systems Our Pocket Display System uses standoffs (piers) or display rails to suspend acrylic pockets on a cable system to … Read more >