Keep Your Art or Hanging Display In Place Using Secure Hanging Hooks

Secure Self-Gripping Hook by

Last week we shared with you our post, Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings, discussing the use of heavy-duty hooks. This week we’re continuing with this topic, but we’re expanding on the “strongest hooks” theme and will discuss similarly strong hooks with an added feature … security. Our Secure Self-Gripping Hook and our Anti-Theft Secure Hook are designed to provide a secure hanging hook system. These two hooks have the same weight supporting capacity as their siblings, the Self-Gripping … Read more >

Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings


When you have heavy objects to hang, be it large paintings, framed mirrors, or large wall objects , your hooks have a heavy load to carry. The right hook for the job can be determined by the type of object, and its weight, that you want to display. AS Hanging Systems offers several hooks (some refer to them as wall hangers while others refer to them as grippers) capable of providing the needed support. Let’s review our Self-Gripping Hook and … Read more >