Inspirational Office Displays

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5 Inspiring Wall Display Ideas for your Office Considering we spend a third of our lives at our workplace, it’s no wonder our physical environment has an effect on our work performance! From the office layout, the lighting, the color schemes, to the artwork on the walls, all of these elements play a huge part in our overall mood and productivity. In order to make your office a better place to be, let’s look at some creative ways you could … Read more >

Redefine Saw Tooth Hangers Using Utility Hooks


Recently we’ve shared suggested ways in which our Utility Hook can play an important part in art display ideas and building a creative non-traditional wall display. Here’s another one of our picture hanging ideas that is so simple, yet the results are so gratifying. Most hooks in the hanging systems hardware niche don’t do a good job of interfacing with saw tooth hangers. This is particularly true of small hangers commonly found on the back-side of ready-made frames and mass … Read more >